Regarding the support shortage

here’s yet another pointless thread, but literally every discussed solution is pointless

  1. release artist. the number of players who are not already playing a support character and will also play support artist are very small in number. it’s not unfair to say that 90% of the people who will play artist already have a support character. also since dps artist is actually not a meme at low gear score there will be a nontrivial amount of dps artists. the number of people going from dps main to artist main will be very small in number. people swapping support mains doesn’t really change anything as well.
  2. give support classes preferential treatment in some way. either with more weekly entries or powerpasses etc. preferential treatment of any kind is just bad
  3. give them a main story quest damage boost. also kind of bad because of preferential treatment, but people don’t not play support classes because of how slowly they clear story content.
  4. more free powerpasses. unless you have like >=11 characters i don’t see how the lack of a powerpass is hindering your progression. this is purely speculation but with each new class release we will either have some express event or powerpass, with additional in game events. we will have to see what the future class release schedule looks like
  5. purchasable powerpasses. i like the idea but the game is still in its early stages and i don’t think it would be healthy to introduce purchasable passes just yet. maybe north vern through yorn passes but definitely not another feiton or punika pass. purchasable feiton passes do sound like a good idea once vykas raid is released though