Regarding the Yoz’s Jar Season 1 or Season 2 both

Can we can any confirmation regarding whether it is season one or season two? Or at least some clarification over what class will get which season or if we ever still be able to get the season one Yoz’s Jar skin.

I main gunslinger mainly due to its trailer which has her season one Yoz’s Jar. I understand the rush to season two due to sorceresses only have season two legendary skin but does this means our NA version will never get the gunslinger poster skin since it is a season one Yoz’s Jar skin.

Any idea how are the outfits of season 1 vs 2 for Gunslinger? I also main a Gunslinger so i would like to see the different outfits.

I hope we get the Season 1 skins as well because I like the Season 1 Deathblade skin way better than Season 2.