Regarding to the increasing gold seller problem

Right now, the AGS solutions to the gold spammer issues relies on increase level restrictions on chat and some script they say were implemented on the system to ban gold spammer. I want to draw your attention on these solutions particularly on the chat level restrictions. Implement chat level restriction does not solve the problem on its root, it is merely a delaying tactic. The people who wants to advertise gold selling will find ways around it. It is easily bypassed by power leveling, and not to mention the collateral damaged done to the pre-level 30 social feature.

We have to implement a system that preserves the chat social feature while also effectively discourage gold seller. I have to emphasis on the importance of the chat feature, this is what makes MMORPG different to other genre of games. What makes something additive? Go search books by Anthony Robins, if an activity can simultaneously fulfill the 6 core human needs, then it will become additive. The six core human needs are:

  • Certainty - the need for stability, control, consistency and prediction (when you play game, you are certain that you are making progress as each EXP counts towards your character progression, in real world it is sometimes not the case)
  • Uncertainty - the need for novelty, challenge, excitement and adventure (we get this a lot from games it shouldn’t be hard to understand)
  • Significance - the need to feel important, special and pride (achievements, exclusive mounts, titles, PVP, ranking boards you name it)
  • Growth - the need for constant growth and development (leveling, character and gear progressions are core of any games)
  • contribution - the need to give beyond self, to protect and to serve. (in MMORPG we have dungeons, coops, guilds etc)
  • Connection - the need for communication and feel connected with others (this is what makes general chat important, some players arent even trying hard on beating the game, some maybe just there socializing, role playing. Everyone plays games for different purposes)

What makes World of Warcraft the number one MMORPG for decades? The newer games have better graphics, better combat systems, better spell effects, better character models, better outfit designs, but why none of the dethroned WoW? Because WoW is already evolved beyond a game, it has become a culture, it propagates to many other different areas such as movies, books, expo, cosplay etc. It is more than just a game, all thanks to the massive community WoW is able to create. These people are not going to quit the game just because a newer MMOs released with better graphics. If you looking to develop Lost Ark into something more than itself in the future, which it has the potential to do. I suggest you reconsider the approach on limiting chat functions.

I have some suggestions to combat the gold sellers:

  1. Implement a system that tracks the frequency of players input on chat. If a player chat frequently, mark them as suspicious. If the frequency is consistent (ie. exactly every 10sec), increase their suspicious level further. A real player is very unlikely to have exactly same chat input frequency.

  2. Track the percentage of same content they input on the chat. If the chat input has 50% or more same content as the previous chat input, raise their suspicious level even further. You need to compare this with at least 4 more previous chat input. This is to prevent gold seller using some method such insert a random line like “hello everyone” between their advertisement. The content of 50% or more is to prevent gold seller adding a random string of words after their advertisement ig: BUY GOLD at - asdfghj1 and BUY GOLD at - asdfghj2

  3. If a player has high enough suspicious level built up, and on top received 3 reports from other players, he will be automatically banned from all chat functions for 48hrs. The first 2 conditions will prevent possible abuses. Then, the banned players their last 2 chat inputs will be recorded in the back stage. A GM will look at the content of the chat and determine if its a genuine advertisement. This is also to prevent accidentally banning innocent players. If a genuine gold seller is spotted, ban their account as well as ban their hardware and IP address, this punishment will be much heavier and should discourage most of the gold seller dare to run their business in this game.

  4. You can record the accuracy of the system. If lets say 99.9% of the players gets reported through this filter are real gold seller, then you can run this on automatic and consider stop using GM.


This is really a great feature for all those who dont have so much time to play.
Right now I’m level 25 and I cant use /z anymore. Great for not (doing) world bosses, asking for help… But Goldsellers are still out there.
Why am I playing a MMO when i cant talk to others and cant play with others (broken matchmaking)?

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Fix this now, there is literally thousands of bots spamming every area, i can’t even read my chat and i am about to fill my block list if there is a cap!

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just wanna bump this, as it has some really great points.

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