Regarding Upcoming Nerfs

I would rather them not touch Abyssal Dungeons, as these are once a week and difficult but not impossible, even for new players.

On the other hand, Guardian Raids feel impractical in terms of the time each one takes. It’s clear Lost Ark is a heavily alt focused game. Meaning if you want the fastest progression you do as much as you can on every character everyday. Chaos Dungeons take 5 min, so 10 min per character that adds up to an hour for all alts.

At this point I’m perfectly capable to do 2x guardian raids and succeed but I tend to just skip it because the leapstones is not worth the time it takes to do them on all alts. I know many others who do all dailies for the their alts except guardian raids specifically and this is due to how long it takes to kill each boss, unless your 200 iL above the recommended.

So ultimately I think Guardian Raids could do with a bit of a HP nerf, but no other type of nerf in terms of mechanics. My biggest issue with the guardian raids isn’t the difficultly it’s how much of a health canyon all the bosses are while also charging/teleporting/jumping around every 2 seconds making it even harder to make a dent in their health pool.