Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the locking, it's clear that this situation was not handled well



That is quite the interesting read.

I do find it that all of this issues would be solved with a megaserver, do bear in mind that the game already uses a layer system, so the tech behind a megaserver already exists, they just need to expand the number of available layers…

Or they can mitigate the problem by allowing players to group up with friends form another servers, we already have cross-server in random PVE, once again the tech already exists, a player avatar name is already realm unique, just allow players to group up with friends from diferente servers on dungeons, they can already do that with random players…

woah thats a lot of words
too bad i aint reading them and neither does amazon

I’m pretty disheartened too. In order to play with my sons (who bought a founders pack an hour too late) my options are:

  1. Wait for and unknown amount of time. (could be weeks, months?)

  2. Lose my in-game progress - character name - Founders Pack items - twitch drops.

I get there are problems with the servers and understand why they need to lock servers - but to provide such restrictions and no options (Server transfers, name recovery, founder pack recovery) is creating a terrible user experience.

If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine, but no need to be rude to someone sharing their views and experience.

Your response here is completely pointless, rude, and adds nothing to the conversation.


Great read and very intelligent points.

Amazon knew what they were expecting though, look at New World. I think their destined to continue a trend of how not to properly release a game.

If there are any more Amazon game releases I’m going to wait at-least a week or two after release before touching it. I definitely won’t be pre purchasing anything they come out with ever again, I did with New world, now again with Lost Ark.

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Locking servers is always a horribad idea irrespective of contingency plans. More servers and give people who want to play this game the opportunity to make informed decisions themselves.

im just kidding friendo, im just shit posting arround, i am also affected by this mess of a launch, i wanted to play with my friends and now i have to forsake my 50 euro founder’s pack.
but it is true amazon does not care. i contacted support, tried to find every possible solution, reset my account, get a refund to buy a new pack, nothing can be done and it pisses me off.