Regards to name changing system

If I change my name on a character, I understand that the name will be released in 60 days. However is that on the second at which I released it, or does it happen on the daily reset timer?

Basically I have a name on a character I don’t play anymore, however the name is one I would like to make sure isn’t sniped by someone else as the name is pretty sought after. I would like to insure when I do my name swap I am able to get it back. With this information, it would help a lot.

TLDR; Are names released 60 days after you released them on that exact second, or does it happen with the daily reset.

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What should happen is the named be reserved for you for 60 days so you can just re-claim it on another toon. If you don’t for 60 days THEN it becomes available to other accounts.

But you know, logic is hard.

Would be awesome if we had a service to name swap. Pay a little less compared to name change but allow you to name swap between your characters.

Though dunno how difficult is to implement such.

This is an excellent idea.


Still looking for an answer as this is important to me