Region closed, cannot connect to the server

This is my first time logging in, I haven’t made a character at all. Brand new to the game, literally just installed. Upon selecting East North America, I am met with the message “The selected region is closed. Cannot connect to the server.”

I don’t have a VPN or anything (if there’s a way to check so I’m 100% sure, I’ll do it).

Any help would be appreciated, I’ll try whatever. Thanks!

If you bought it on Steam, make sure the game is patched (restart Steam, even the dreaded verify files if necessary).

There were some snafu’s yesterday where the regions were closed and patched, so if you’re missing that latest patch, it may be causing the client to try and connect to the wrong servers / endpoints / what have you.

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i have same issues it puts me randomly into any region and cant connect to other ones need a fix for that