Region closed, game crash, multiple login detected

Started game, server screen selection was on EU WEST (i have never switched, all 5 of my chars are on CENTRAL). Attempts to switch to EUC just give the ‘region is locked and cannot be selected’ popup. After a couple of tries game just crashed and when I try to log back in i get a message about multiple logins and game just exits.
So now I’m just in a holding pattern of waiting 10 mins so i can log back in.
So i can try switching to a server that i never switched out of.
So i can even START sitting in queue …

Doubt i can get any support from here but I wanted to share how absurd and broken this system is.

Hello @Horyzen,

Greetings! :handshake:

I hope you are doing good.

I am sorry for the issue and I will definitely try to assist you here. Please help me with your IGN and server so I can force quit your game.

In the meanwhile please perform the steam integrity check.

Thank you!

EU Central Zinnervale
IGN Horyzen

Will a force quit do anything for me now since i cant even log into central anyway?

Integrity check done, no problems

Thanks for performing the files check @Horyzen .

Please try to log in now.

Well I can log in to server select… still logs me into EU west and Central is locked so cant do anything with my characters.

Please try below mentioned steps too-

  • Can you please check for updates of Lost Ark?
  • Please try to restart the PC

Let me know! Thanks

Rebooted and then also restarted steam and rechecked files again and then it showed downloading something and now it allowed me to switch.

Thanks for the help!

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Great! I am glad that your issue was resolved @Horyzen . :slight_smile:

See you in Arkesia ! :sunflower: :magic_wand: