Region Closed....Whats going on?


Whats going on??? I get that its launch day but you just tweeted everything was back up…

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Experiencing same issue. Been playing this game past few days no issues, today that unavailable region error keeps popping up for me, even after you mentioned that servers are back online.


You created a whole new post for something you can easily find out about with 1 simple search on the forums…lazy much.

Admins, please close this topic

And you run around the forum angrily replying to people. Sad life much?

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As they twitted 30 minutes ago


Servers went back down due to missing characters, they will go live again once that is sorted out

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16 minutes ago they posted nothing was missing … They didnt say they were keeping servers down. Thats why I was asking… They literally said

“present upon logging in” not “present upon logging in when the server come back online”

English people, please learn how the language works.

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Yes you indeed should learn English.

The second tweet was a status update on the “missing char” topic and in no ways or words is invalidating the state “downed” of the servers mentioned in the first post.

Please go back to school.

Servers will remain down until we fully resolve outstanding issues – FYI, you will have to close out of your client and reopen it when things open back up again


Thanks again for keeping everyone updated, you’re doing a thankless job


Can we expect a new patch?

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damn ok

Asking the real questions :point_up:

Do you have any idea if we will need to update game files on steam?

are all the “old” eu servers closed for new players?

same here again after 384mb update

what??? why not fix already after 6 hours???

But wasnt it just the “pointing at wrong enviorment”? so they released a build with problems previously?