Region is closed after the maintainence

I am a regulus server player, after the maintenance, the region is still closed.
It’s been like this for 12+ hours.

I tried a lot of stuff like

  1. Resetting router and modem
  2. changing config file regions
  3. reinstalling the game file and EAC file
  4. Verify the file
  5. restarting the computer
  6. Using wifi

Same bug happened last week, the day after it solved by itself.
Today again. Regions closed. (and was servers are up)
Trouble shotting in live chat useless, DXDIAG sent to the development team.

It’s obvious it’s a bug, I never had any issue since day1 and now I’m losing game time and crystalline aura days.

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I contacted support, they ask me to use mobile hotspot.
As if i can do legion raids with high pings