Region lock fixed?

Like somebody else just said, for whatever reason I am able to log into my account now using the IP that ive been using for months that they blocked. I think (hope) the devs finally fixed it. So for those of you like me who just recently got region banned because the devs messed up try again. Seems to be working now.

EDIT: I didnt do anything different. Went to grab drinks with friends, came back and saw someone posted it was working again and it did for me.

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Hey @crazykarl see you again! How’s it going?

Once again I wanted to thank you for your input, and if anybody else experienced this issue previously please go ahead and log in to check if it’s working as of now! If not please let me know to proceed!

Appreciate your info @crazykarl keep helping our gaming peers on the community, see you on Arkesia!