Region lock - Georgia

Wanted to buy founder pack today and found out that lost ark is locked in my country when 2-3 days ago it was unlocked. Can someone explain what happened ? and will it ever be unlocked?

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I think, you are living in the near to russia. I hope you haven’t the same problems like the ukraine people…

if you are talking about Russia being “friendly” neighbor, yes :slight_smile:

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This is already discussed in another thread. owns the publishing rights to your country, so you cannot buy the AGS-published version on Steam.


The answer of HoneyDruid meaning the same as mine. That’s a fact not a poltical statement. :nerd_face:

I checked this post and in here it’s mentioned that it is available in Georgia but when I try to search for it it does not show up. Direct link leads me to page where it says not available in my country. Basically I am not able to play the game without somehow changing region to “unlocked” country and even if I succeed in that my account might get banned for it. Also like that post says we should be included in EU and not RU region but I guess this is not a right place for that ? even tho I was redirected here from support.

I don’t see Georgia in the list of supported countries

It seems that it has been changed recently because I was able to see the game 2-3 days ago like I mentioned above. I still don’t have answer will it be coming to Georgia or not :confused:

It is published by my friend for Georgia: - it is not available on Steam for you as that is the AGS-published version.

You can’t play it unless you use the version. Just like the other thread, you either listen and accept the facts or you keep denying them and it still won’t change.

Also allowing us to play on Russian servers is not an option like previous post mentions. I don’t want to be forced to play in Russian server and download third-party app just to read anything.

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oh I see. So they removed it from steam because of this.

Fact my friend is that game is unplayable for me. I’m just trying to find solution that’s all

Could you tell me what will happen if I try to use vpn?

Your account will be banned by either steam or amazon in the long run bc of ToS

VPN is against Steam/Amazon ToS so it’s at your own risks so whatever you do, do not do it on your main Steam account.

This is very disappointing. Guess only option is to complain about it to smilegate which probably will change nothing…

There is an alternative way to play the European version from Georgia by making a new Steam account with a VPN set to a European country that is not region locked, like Germany. That being said, I think your ping would be better if you play on the Russian server. I can understand why you don’t want to play with Russians though, with the war and all. Good luck!


I always play on EU servers and ping is not an issue. Problem is, like mentioned before VPN is bannable.

But not enforced. Or you wouldn’t see any NA/EU streamers playing on the RU/KR servers with their character names visible. Or KR players on NA/EU for that matter, yet many of them have already announced they will be playing there. Don’t take this HoneyDruid too serious, he seems kinda salty. You might not even need a VPN to actually play the game, but only to get it in your Library. I am not completely sure about that though, as the game is not available yet and all.

I was today years old when I learned Georgia is the name of both a state and a country