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can we get something about region merge now ? since only 2 servers left in EUW. (wish it was only reduced to 1 server) AH and party finder are really boring.

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Right now this isn’t something that is technically possible within the game, as the tech to combine multiple server regions does not exist. It may be investigated for the future, but at this point in time it is too early to say if it might be doable


yeah sure but what are we going to do with dead AH and party finder until ‘‘future’’ ?


They dont care lol. RMT, False bans none of it, they respond copy and paste.

Hi @Roxx ,
thank you for the quick response!
I understand that at the moment there is no technical solution for the merger of regions. I also understand that you as a CM are not responsible for decisions made by the developer or publisher.
Could you please let the developer know that due to a very low player base, and a lack of new players, it is almost impossible in EUW to find mates for group activities like abyss dungeon etc… This hinders any progression in the game. As a result players will stop playing. For example the guild I am a member with, is merging with another one, since many players discontinued with LA.
How about a technical solution allowing us to move our chars to another region?

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But, if region is merged, where will the merged server be located
for example
if it’s merged and the server in WEST, people from EAST will have highger ping than before. and also the other way around. if the merged server is in the EAST people from the WEST will have higher ping too.

However this game is suck as FUCK!! I to be honest in the past 2 fucking weeks, maintenances you removed 4 server it really looks like how in the end you will shut down the whole fucking game if you this how this gonna to work out on the right way! Simply way you ruined a whole game and her servers , but you don’t fucking care at all how bots are back again! The most important thing is how you could to remove or to reduce game servers on 2 only !

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This is regarding EUC and EUW not NA, EUW was slapped in post launch to deal with server pop issues that were destroying the experience for everyone on EUC, it’s location doesn’t matter. Noone picks EUC or EUW based on ping.
The geo-location difference for EUW and EUC is ~900 miles, the difference between NAE and NAW geo-ocation is 2700 miles, so there’s 3x the distance

they dont care, they rather have people spending more money to restart on EUC than actually help the people in EUW.

Either wait till january next year and see if they are taking an initiative to do Region Merges or just quit the game.

New World has region merges, so their BS of technology not there is complete ass.

new world =/= lost ark
new world is developed by AGS own team of devs
lost ark is developed by a team of devs that do not work for AGS.

What you can do in one game does not directly translate to the other due to the fact that Lost Ark is only published by AGS it’s not developed by them in any way shape or form.

The excuse of technology doesn’t exist to do region merges is weak. AWS has DR capabilities built into it which would move all infrastructure between locations. It’s easy enough to migrate EUW to the same datacentre as EUC and then from there they can just do a server merge.
Close the EUW AH a few days prior job done.

Yes, thats why i keep saying AGS needs to push SG to do come coding and then AGS does the physical merges on their servers. It’s not rocket science, its just a matter of wanting to do it and if its profitable.

I remember about 15yrs ago, Ragnarok SEA merged to Ragnarok Global. All of my characters was transferred to the global server without a hitch, point is they did it 15yrs ago why can it not be doable now?

euw and euc are just different named regions, but BOTH are located in the same server/place.

EUW servers are located in Ireland, EUC servers in Germany. Different datacenters.

There is a high ping difference if you live in Europe for both regions, I have like 16ms ping in EUC but ~40ms in EUW (living in Germany)


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