Region Switch outside the Client

I would like to know is there an option to switch regions outside the client!?
I would like play on new region but I cant switch due to 10027 message!?
Thank You

i dont know if this is the right way but i was looking for a friend who didnt need it as he bypassed the too many players error

but navigate to

\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\Config

open the file UserOption in a text editor.

at the very bottom i saw this.


that WE is preselected as europe west for me as i changed earlier today. you could try it and let me know

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Thank You very Much! :*

if it worked, your very welcome :wink:

It worked, Thanks… but I tought it’s going live 5PM!?

servers are live on the websites maintenence list, so i would assume they are in the process of doing them now.

I hope it will be playable today… I almost gave up on this game, till I saw that I possible will be playing without any queues… :smiley: I even left MY founders pack I just don’t care anymore! oO

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