Region transfer request

Hello I’m Blu, I’m not very much into MMO’s but Lost Ark really has been the only MMO I’ve genuinely enjoyed. My problem though is that I have reached the end game after around 80 hours and I’ve realised that playing in EUW hasn’t really been a good idea since it is absolutely full of bots and finding a party, raid or guilds is near impossible or takes way too long to find a player to help me out. So I was wondering if I could have an account transfer to EUC since I have friends there that have told me it’s a lot better and populated with actual people instead of AI. It really would suck to have to change a region and lose my 80+ hours of progress and have to start again…

lost ark does not have region transfer , you would have to start over

just wait till the offer or u have to start over

What offer?

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Hey there @Blu

As @Kiyoshi and @jbrian881401 mention (thanks!), region transfers or something like a region merge between EUC and EUW are currently not something the technology we have available allows. The team has been exploring these options for a while now however it will take time for something like this to be developed, tested and implemented. Unfortunately to play in another region you would indeed need to start over.

See you in Arkesia!