Region transfers?

Will region transfers ever be a thing?

Long story short, I’m NAE playing on EUC because the people I was gonna play with are from the EU. Turns out I had a lot of friends who ended up playing the game and still do play but they’re on NAE. I’d honestly rather quit the game than start from scratch again (horizontals, roster, money spent, etc).

I know other games have this feature so it’s not physically impossible to implement. There’s only like 2 guilds in the top 32 on my server that speak English on top of the 80+ ping every single day, though I’ve gotten used to it for the most part. This as well as server time being 6 hours ahead of my own time zone, class, work, etc makes participating in statics very hard to organize as opposed to being in the same time zone as everyone else. Also there’s the fact that most people are getting off/going to bed when it’s only 5 or 6 pm for me.

I would like some clarity on whether this feature is in the works or will be implemented at some point in the future.

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they can’t even do a real thing against bot or crash and dc
so how many copium do you want ?

I think it would be possible as they’ve already tested out server transfers in KR afaik, so all the copium.

in korea they have one region so they never have done this and they don’t wanna get to it
but they can like maybe copy your roster and create the same roster on another region by paying ofc it’s ags

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id be 100% okay with paying for a region transfer

we might know more next year

I do not see any hope for you. They arent even able to merge EUC and EUW. Server Transfer is a thing but not over Regions. Seems like you either restart or stay on EU

Not in the near future. Its not prio for Smilegate because they have 1 region in Korea.

If they decide to merge regions, overlapping names will be an issue. I love the game but honestly I don’t have high expectations when it comes to Smilegate coding.

I am in EUW and I want to move, like seriously. Make something happens devs.

euw here allso … my concerned is if the player base fall off wtf do we do …down to two server now …i for one is concerned

i dont think transfere from eu to na wil ever happen,

but euc and euw merge might be a thing as its a merge, not transfere

i just need a cm to respond and destroy my hopes of playing with a majority of my lost ark friends

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