Regional lock UA

imagine playing with rusians :smiley:

anyway. that problem should be resolved one way or another. how come rusians got a contract that valid in other countries? plx explain me, and we will work it out from this side

they did not. They only offer the game in CIS and they IP block ROW. They just overlook even the obvious breakouts. Not validating them. But noone complains really.

The first contender would be AGS when the game actually launches. Pushing SGR to enforce domains better.

it isn’t allowed in russia, many players were banned for using a vpn in russia AND korea.

you also cannot even login the russian version without a vpn.

in the NA/EU version belgium players and others can login and play the game without a VPN they just cannot get the game in their library without a vpn.

dont really care whats happening in rusia but VPN is too much effort to play a game. companies must chase clients, not the oposite.

what you mean? you litteraly told me that russia has a contract that’s valid for other countries.

which i debunked.

if amazon wanted they want money from everyone, but they can’t or else devs won’t allow them to publish the game.

As mentioned above Amazon Games does not have the publishing rights for Ukraine and we have been told that another publisher has the rights for that country. I understand that currently players i Ukraine may not have access to play Lost Ark. I can certainly share this feedback with Smilegate RPG but there is not anything Amazon Games will be able to do about this situation unfortunately.


Forget it guys, they dont have time and desire to deal with problems of Ukraine, cuz we are most likely not considered as a noice source of money…
Russian own the rights of Ukrainian players to access the game, i am not sure if Devs still count both countries as one or what? May be USSR is still there, and i just dont notice that?
Thats hilarious and sad at the same time :-/

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Unfortunately that also may change in the coming months

What smilegate have done to the Ukraine is like giving publishing rights to North Korea and telling South Koreans they can only play if they log on to a North Korean web service.


SGR sold the publishing rights for the CIS region to, which Ukraine still belongs to. Nothing can be done other than VPN.

So a country have right over an other country, but both are pretty much at war against each other. This is political stupidity at this point. I’m sorry for players behind Mail RU policies :confused:

It makes a lot of sense to include UA with the russian server region because i´m pretty sure those are way closer than the ones located in the EU - which are located in:

  • |Europe (Ireland)|
  • |Europe (London)|
  • |Europe (Frankfurt)|
  • |Europe (Paris)|
  • |Europe (Stockholm)|

Any of those is far away from UA! Very far!

You do realise the Ukraine is basically at war with Russia and has been since 2014,


Say thanks t your government for blocking traffic from/to Russia. Nothing can be done about that from Amazon or Smilegate.
Only person able to do something about this is you by getting a VPN. Period.

Pretty sure Amazon would love to make more money and as well since, well, more money is always good!

Obviously you have no clue of where I reside, assumptions aside, one has been playing this game happily since 2019. Good day to you.

Well, I guess because there is tension and conflict between the RU and UKR governments. Bear in mind that Putin wants to invade UKR and get them to be a part of RU like the old USSR days. UKR is technically lucky that this isn’t a really just yet. I hope for the sake of any URK citizen that does wish to keep their country independent from Russia that this never happens but it isn’t looking good at the moment ever since the Crimeia Peninsula incident. All the best of luck to all the URK players, I wish the future holds good things for you.


This is an extremely stupid argument - being “closer” to a particular server has nothing to do with anything. Ping from Ukraine to e.g. Frankfurt is 30ms, which is reasonable for a comfortable MMO experience.

Ukrainian players have a valid concern - they can not access a game by standard means. If you have nothing helpful to add - why bother commenting at all?

Fun fact: your country blocks participation in games what is publised by Speak to your government.

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Thats kinda sad isn’t it. Ukraine is on the brink of war with Russia and you casually mentioning that they are owned by a russian publisher :slight_smile:.

While your right ofcourse that the publishing rights ARE sold to Russia. Its a bit sad for them to see them in this particular situation.

Anyways, you are not alone. Netherlands and Belgium are also region locked. We fortunately don’t live in China with their firewall. The west is still free last I checked, there are other ways to the issue available.

Hope my Ukraine brethren survive the incoming Russian invasion.