Regional prices for South America

Nice post but what about me in New Zealand paying NZD and am forced to play on US West server as we don’t have our own servers.

I don’t want to be rude or offensive towards SA region, but this topic is repeated in all games forums, especially by the Turkish community and it starts to be annoying.
I understand the idea you wanna portray but you must understand something else too: gaming is not a vital necessity. You can live without gaming but you can’t live without food or paying your bills. With that being said, if you can’t afford to play, play something else. I know it’s a bit harsh, but that is the reality.
I come from a european country (Romania, also a EU memeber) that can be classified as a “poor” country. Our average wage is 4x times less than Germany/France or UK. Around 350-400€. But you don’t see romanians flocking this forum asking for rebates.
If AGS or any other gaming company would make “special” prices for “poor countries” that would create even more drama.
Imagine me as romanian paying “european” prices to play this game and you pay brazilian prices. Would that be fair? And take in consideration that romanian and brazilian wages are similar. Same applies for Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and other “poor countries” in Europe.
That would mean for AGS to make preferential prices for each country. It would be too much of a hassle and headaches , not to mention the drama.
I hope they don’t listen you. It will create a lot of issues and unnecessary drama.

That argument makes no sense and can be applied to so many things as excuse to justify abusive prices… If a company is offering a service to South America it should be priced accordingly, this has been the rule for pretty much every single product/service that’s offered here, EVERY other service provided by Amazon in South America have regional prices, even NEW WORLD has it, Twitch, Amazon prime… So why not Lost Ark too?

Brazil is the “less poor” country of South America, and our minimum wage is 200€, so the country on Sou America that makes the highest amount of money of the entire continent is still HALF of what you consider “poor”, do I even have to go on with this?

You live in Europe, you pay Europe prices, but South America is a completely different region, I’m not asking for for special prices just my country while everyone else in the same region would be paying more. Why should South America be paying Europe prices for a game that has no relation with Europe at all? We are a different region, with our own players, our own servers and we should get our own price too, I don’t see why any “drama” would come out from this since regional prices have been a thing forever on pretty much everything. A twitch sub is 1.43 Euro here, Amazon prime is 1.79 Euro, New world costs around 14 Euros too… and there’s 0 drama about that.

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Where is the abusive price? Everyone pays the same…i call it equality. What you want is equity and that’s a issue.

According to many sites, i was curious and searched on google (and yes i looked on multiple sites, not only the first one), the average wage in Brazil is 450$, that’s around 400 Euros. So it’s no big difference between Romania and Brazil. So please, go on…explain me.

Mexico “lives” in North America and they pay North American prices. And Mexico has 3x times less average wage than US. So where you wanna go with this?

Then make your own game and Amazon and Twitch and whatever you want. Nobody stops Brazil or SA to create their own companies and games.
I see it as unfair for me to pay 4x times more than you, but we both have the same wage.

I will research about that and if it is true, i will cancel my prime and stop spending money in Lost Ark.

I have no idea where you got those numbers from, but if you want a quick number on how much more money Romania makes compared to Brazil, your PIB Per Capita is 12.896,09 USD while for Brazil it is 6.796,84 USD (according to google), so yea, pretty much double. Also, comparing your MINIMUN wage with our AVERAGE seems a little off, doesn’t it?

And this right here will be the end for me, no point in wasting my time with someone entitled like that on the internet. Just because you’re wealthier than someone that doesn’t make you better than them, canceling a your prime just because Amazon made it cheaper for poorer countries that couldn’t afford it otherwise just shows what kind of human being you are.

GDP (PIB) per capita has nothing to do with average wage. Both are separate things. Your country has more than 11x times more population than mine. GDP (PIB) per capita calculates the entire country money output divided by number of population. Obviously, in case you didn’t noticed, the countries with huge population (above 70-80 mill) have lower GDP/capita than countries with less population. With a few exceptions like USA and Philippines, most countries with large population will always have lower GDP than countries with smaller population.

Wealthier? Hahahaha you almost made me proud to be romanian. We have the same wage bro, there is literally 0 difference between a romanian and brazilian regarding our living standards. The only difference is that we live on different continents and you have better weather than my country. We are both on same level. So what you talk about?

Any updates?

Man, if everything worked like that gamming companies from many games wouldn’t regionalize prices like they do, I guess no one on this discussion really knows why games sell at different prices across regions to bring up the real point on why to do that. It’s not something like pure math to solve this.

I’ll not comment anything about the servers infrastructure, but if you wanted to discuss about that you have to consider that the SA server is in SA, so theoretically there is a slight decrease in costs for things running here, since the charges are different, but since the main team for the game development is based in another region, let’s not consider that.

When you have a game/in-game content selling for a price that is too high, there are less people who will feel inclined to purchase that thing. It’s like how it is for many discussions going around about games with Pay 2 Win or Pay 2 Progress, that it demotivates people to try to progress faster or even play.

In the end, the companies make these changes to price not to lose revenue, because you can be sure that NO COMPANY WOULD DO THAT, if it actually lowered their revenue it wouldn’t happen anywhere, what’s the point of having more people playing if you earn less overall? The game isn’t any place near it’s end after all. But when the prices are localized more people buy and 10 people paying for a 10 USD product earns you more than 3 people paying for a 30 USD product.

If someone during this discussion asked to have a 10 USD item listed as 10 BRL, for example, on the SA server, they’re in the wrong, you don’t localize values by just changing the currency. But If you make some adjustments to make the offer look more attractive to the players from a region with less conditions (where the currency has a lower value, actually), it can help you make more profit in that region.

The main problem on why AGS don’t do this, however, is because despite never testing it, I believe that the Product Inventory is shared between servers for the entire account in Lost Ark, so it’d be a pain to manage that since people would start to buy in different regions to claim the purchases on another region.

This is getting even worse now dollar prices are going down, we are actually paying more than NA, this is such BS

Idk what kind of sites you searched but the average wage is less than $250, $450 is a ludicrous number for average

Omg it’s getting worse day by day. :fearful:


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I would love to buy every character slot in the game, but I will never pay R$44+ for 1 slot. This is insane.

never news ?

SMG/AGS doesn’t care about SA. we don’t have a CM for our region, we don’t have support for our region, we don’t even have our own forum for our region


We don’t even have a pt-br translation of the game lol I doubt they’ll change the prices, which are absolutely ridiculous for us.

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@Roxx why you are ignore this thread? You never give us a transparent answer about this. This is very sad.