Regional Pricing in the in-game store

well then why don’t they make it a server thing? if you’re on the server and have a SA IP then it will update the price, ofc SA IP is easy to get with a VPN but you would have to sacrifice playing with us and lets be honest most people from NA would rather pay 200$ than play with us from what we saw on the Beta, xenophobia was booming to say the least.

The mod said they took advantage of the Founder’s pack

This would be a good solution, I’m for changing them to regional economics are taken into thought.

And like I said before. Its a dumb reason, because there’s ways to prevent it, the founders price was fine because it was not locked to a server so I think its fair to prevent abuse but now that we have our own server they can prevent exploiting.

I currently live in a European country with a decent economy. The rate here for 10USD buys me 2 regular meals on a MacDonals restaurant. What can you buy with 10USD in Brasil out of curiosity if you go on MacDonalds? (only comparison I can think of but I just want to have an idea of the economy there).

If you think it is that easy please feel free to go and add them yourself. I say this because you seem to know how easy it is since you are claiming that, so don’t get offended.

Also note that all payments from games in Steam and without a custom launcher are processed by Steam so the price applied at the end is highly probable to be that of your Steam region, no matter what region you are playing the game at if your Steam region is set to SA or similar place!

Edit: Here you go for those who didn’t see it

Not happening on release at least for the same reasons shared here.


10 USD would buy you a full course dinner in a nice restaurant here.

Yes there most likely are, and I definitely see them changing it maybe a month in, but right now Amazon is probably just focusing on the release and nothing else.

Well that’s way cheaper than the country I live in then. I guess it’s just your wages that suck but not the actual price of goods which is still a problem. Well I lived most my life and grew up in one of the poorest countries in Europe so I grew up used to being shafted with currency all my life anyway. This is an issue in Europe as well, spending 10USD for a British wage is less than one hours pay but spending 10USD in some of the poorest countries in Europe is also prohibitive… what can we do? It’s sorta of how life goes, it would be great to have prices adjusted to each country’s economy but feels quite utopic.

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I feel like there are too many unknowns to have a real worthwhile conversation about this topic right now. We are speculating on the delivery mechanism for goods and services from the cash shop. Some people have made good suggestions on how abuse could be mitigated, but we just don’t know how the back-end works for their cash shop yet. I hope that everyone who wants regional pricing is able to get it sooner rather than later, and that it isn’t abusable and does not negatively impact the in-game economy.


I mean, Brazil is a great country for people to come to, because everything is cheap for tourists. But just because it is cheap for a tourist using Dolars or Euro, does not mean it is cheap for Brazilians. For instance, a 2L coca cola used to cost 3 reais, when the dolar was 2 reais. Nowadays it costs 8-10 reais, which is 2 dolars for tourists, but fucking 10 reais for us

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Yeah I get that. As I say I’m from an European poor country I know the difference between UK spending power and my home country spending power it’s probably on the same ball park as the USD to Reais. Even though we’re in the same region the gap is huge. Is it fair? Not at all but what can we do? I don’t believe they will ever adjust the prices for us.

Crying in 13R$ for CocaCola on deliveryApps .

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I have played the game before but didn’t use the store, do items purchased in the store become bound to the server/region you bought them on? Or can you redeem them at a different region? If its bound, wouldn’t adjusting the crystal cost of items in the store based on each region be a solution?

What I see in the AGS replies: “We’ll leave the price in dollars for everyone since they’re going to buy anyway, but if we have a lot of complaints, in the next update we’ll fix the store saying how hard we work and listen to the community” :v

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That’s their solution to the ultra rigid word filter, isn’t it?

it’s a shame they wait for an issue to become a problem and generate a strain to resolve.


Things bought on steam are redeemed on the account, regardless of anything.

That’s why Founder’s pack were exploited and had their priced increased. Now for in game shops, I can’t say for sure.

However from my experience in FFXIV, if you buy the sub via steam it uses the regional priced dolar R$2,99, meaning I can pay R$ 30 reais for the 13 dolar sub.

However if I buy a Fantasia, that costs 10 dolar, I have to pay the daily conversion rate, meaning I usually pay R$ 50

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Primary keyword here. Things would be different if that wasn’t true but it is I bet. If they don’t actually profit they’ll do some promo discount sales etc but they’re just banking on the idea that people will buy out of the usual addiction because that’s the metrics that years of monetization have given them to go by most likely. They probably have a target amount of sales and they will test the waters first, it may prove to be a huge financial success or failure and they will adjust accordingly which is what 99% of the people complaining would do if they were the Amazon CEOs because lets face it most of us don’t run companies for charity.

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Gonna have to wait and see what its gonna be like ingame. Hopefuly there’s going to be a solution for this soon