Regional Pricing in the in-game store

You should know that SA countries are buying right now the founders pack at their “local currency” and steam/amazon is not refreshing the price every day. (and the exchange rate is changing for sure every day). This is the same with basically all the steam library so he is not asking anything crazy tbf. Unless you think Lost Ark is unique to all of the other games on the steam library right now, wich i really doubt.

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Well well well, looks like the post about “go study to leave your country” post as deleted

or just like every other game on steam, and stick with it. Its better for them afterall, accoring to steam stats, ppl spend more if they feel like is a fair price. Thats why theres steam regional pricing all around the world basically.

Lmao he got suspended.

ill be able to sleep well tonight then.

Here is you answers.

Get used to prices what others also need to pay.

Steam prices are mostly regionalized, that’s why people buy, in the past piracy was very strong in Brazil, because the only alternative was to buy imported games with prohibitive prices for our reality, you can choose to profit less or simply not profit …

That’s not a final answer, that is “we’ll talk to the monetization team”, that’s it, we didn’t hear back from the monetization team

As fox said the ingame currency is the problem. They never going to let p2c aspect regional priced.

They want to prevent fraud, meaning people going to lower income regions, buying stuff for cheap and selling it on NA server. The idea of letting SA people trade in a value that is adequate to their countries is not it

You mean others that technically pay 5x less then me?

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And there is no solution to prevent this. Since regional prices are (many years) this can be abused. The economy of the game is much more important than somebody desires for in game shop items. Amazon sees this clearly now since the turkish pack abuse.

I mean get used to not seeing 1/10 prices.

The is! Make so the in game shop is bound to the server/region, this way everything bough on SA currency stays in SA


If this would be so easy then it would be dont already. Lets just accept the fact you are talking about something you dont know how its works.

what’s your point in the post, you don’t answer for amazon, you’re just here to flame

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Why I would want that? I just want reasonable prices, not paying half of my montlhy salary to be able to buy SOME skins. I know the situation of my coin, thats why I want better prices for my server and again, if they really want to prevent the abuse its not as hard as they are trying to make it look like.
Just Add DLC Royal Crystal[SA] and make it only applies on SA. They changed a huge amount of the game just for us(West players) something like this cant be as hard as making huge changes to the game.

Amazon already raised pack prices months ago. Get used to it.

I don’t know how it works? So “educate me” why would it be impossible to make the changes we are asking for, and how would it influence other regions

In my country the minimal wasge is 380 euro and there is no regional prices. If you are on minimal wage dont think on luxury item in a f2p video game.

Price is reasonable. Your money earn has nothing to do with it.