Regional pricing? Is it up to steam or AGS? Consider more countries :) +discussion in the replies about South America; in-game shop

Seeing how much lower prices for the founders pack are in Turkey, it got me thinking. Can you add regional pricing for more countries that need it?

I am confused as to whether it’s AGS that decides regional prices or if it’s Steam.

A lot of countries still don’t have their currency on steam (cause valve is doing an awful job in this regard), so people still have to pay in USD/EUR; even though their country’s economy is very bad.

Sywo, a fellow Romanian, touched on this saying that even though our economy is almost as bad as Turkey’s (he said it’s worse but I don’t believe so), we never got any regional pricing in anything. I won’t lie, this sucks. And I know a lot of countries are in the same boat. If AGS can do anything about it, please do. We’d really appreciate it:)

From what I have personally seen, it kind of seems like regional prices are linked to which currencies steam supports. If a currency is supported by steam = that country gets regional pricing. Is this correct?

Steam announced 8 months ago (no follow through since, unfortunately) that with the next update on currencies they will add regional pricing for Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic; so it’s clear these countries are on steam’s radar. But I’m sure regional pricing is a thing countries other than these also need.

Is there anything you can do about this, AGS? Or does it all fall on steam? @Community-Team

Cause… If you are going the route of regional prices anyways; why only do it for a handful of countries?


regional pricing and currencies are two different things:

Currency use per country is pure Valve related thing. Nothing AGS can do about it. They can’t use CZK in Czech, neither they can ask USD in Germany. Valve thing.

Regional pricing (the real price shown in different regions/countries as well as different “values” for any currency) is purely AGS thing.

However if they would like to offer a different EUR prices in different countries using EUR it would be a lot harder to setup packages to reflect those (and it would also be a mess up in visibility/gifting and such) and is rarely used other then “ROW” vs “3rd party countries”, usually tied to language selection as well to prevent cross-purchase black markets.

But it’s possible. It would require to create more DLC’s with the same name, granting them different country restrictions, allowing them all to access the same “content” (or a different one, like the language files) and setting different prices for all currencies involved.

Given they can’t even set “Early 2021” as a release date despite repeated forum confusion I would really not hope they want to mess up with packages.

Plus… this specifically is a MMO. As long as the content is tradeable on international server it’s never a good idea to offer regional prices. Steam restrictions or not it would be used for abusing in the game itself.

I see.

I kind of agree. but regional pricing is already a thing. When founders pack came out, people from Turkey were able to buy a platinum pack for under 10 euros; they adjusted the pricing because people from other countries were using VPNs and abusing the system here are the current regional prices

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also going off a median is extremely unfair,
most people weren’t born into generational wealth so if you want a plat pack it can be as much as rent for the demographic
this issue stems far deeper than why it’s priced so high

if you wanna change things either become rich or convince a rich friend to devalue the housing market to help save us

Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic are part of the Europe, that’s why they get the same price. Turkey is not and Valve is now asking to use a local payment method. So even using a VPN, it is now almost impossible to buy a pack in Turkey.
But beside, Lost Ark is a free game, you don’t need to purchase anything to be able to play and enjoy full content.

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that does not make sense; because countries from Europe that don’t use Euro (which is also the case for all of the countries I mentioned) are getting regional prices. Check my link from my previous reply

Best solution is just making the price uniform for all tradeable assets and applying regional pricing for non-tradeable assets, like they did for new “bronze pack”

Also, people are mistaken that the concern and the problem is from individuals who would use VPN to abuse the system. That is minute compared to RMT businesses who will easily abuse the system for quick profit. There were tons of founders pack sold by these vendors and they’re still on sale. We’re not even talking about obscure black market. You can literally google and find sellers who are selling plat packs for 60-70% regular price.

When this issue was first brought up, it was ignored then one day they changed the prices. There were still people, including myself, who raised the issue again since they left one country’s price to still be significantly lower and exploitable. So far, the response from AGS has been that they are aware of the situation and will handle it once the game launches.

Considering the historical evidence in the industry, I can’t help but still feel uneasy as there hasn’t been a case where developers/publisher and players claimed victory over RMT vendors without collateral damage.

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I’m pretty sure he meant to write European Union.
AFAIK it is prohibited by law to sell product at different prices for EU member countries. Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Rep. are all EU members.

still untrue - Poland is part of the European Union, for example.

Not sure what you mean, coz only thing i can see from your link is that :

That’s a good point. To say that it’s because Poland doesn’t use Euro as their main currency can’t be validated either because those other countries are in similar boat.

Well, as someone who is against regional pricing for tradeable assets in the first place, I say it would solve our problems if they just charged uniform pricing and be done with it and sell non-tradeable items for cash instead of RC reflecting regional pricing.

what I mean is that Norway, Poland and Switzerland are getting regional pricing, even though they are European countries ( with Poland being part of the European Union )

so that is not why

Norway and Switzerland are not part of the Europe. For poland, i have to say I don’t know.

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Yeah your reasons for concern make a lot of sense and so does your solution tbh.

While I don’t mind the regional pricing for Founder’s pack(cause the bad already kind of happened), I do kind of hope there will be no regional prices once the game releases (even though I am obviously aware of how much that sucks for poor countries); just to avoid those problems

As is it already confirmed that the only way to buy royal crystals is to go through steam, it shouldn’t be.

It’s exactly through steam that regional pricing happens. So the fact that purchases are made via steam does not at all make it so regional pricing is not a thing.

Well if you talking about countries like Turkey, yeah they will have discount ofc.

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I just don’t understand why they didn’t simply refund everyone’s money for the affected regions in the first place when they decided to adjust the price, and still decided to keep one country’s price significantly lower even though there are other countries that have similar GDP per capita and even less Purchasing Power Parity received significantly higher prices close to US $ price.

It’s almost like solving a problem with another problem + controversy.

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No, I am not just talking about Turkey. I am talking about every country that is currently getting regional prices for founder’s packs bought on steam. As it has already been concluded, your theory that EU countries have the same price no matter what is simply not true, so idk what you mean by “countries like Turkey”?

this doesn’t quite follow with the discussion between me and @Helleios and you kind of contradicted yourself^ - anyways, we were saying it’s probably for the best for no countries to have discounts; to prevent abuse of this kind of system. But idk, I’m a bit split on that; cause it really sucks for poor countries; including mine, lol.

eh… I would not point that out right now. For the sake of poor Turks. ECB euro reference exchange rate: Turkish lira (TRY)

mind the last price change was done in Aug or so? And yes, the difference is still “bad”. But it also costs efford to bypass rules and certain risk. If prices are reasonably same it won’t be abused much. The bigger the gap is the more problematic it becomes. (Turks aside as those caused a lot of problems already to Steam taking extra care. And it will get a lot worse for them so I would not envy them “lower prices”)