Regionalized name reservations

Are actually a great idea in the long run. When they eventually merge low pop servers later on, no one on either realm will need to lose their names.

It’s a good trade off despite making it slightly harder to get unique names the longer time goes on.

Also with the lack of server transfers so far and how unique names will be across an entire region…maybe… just maybe a few people will find their humanity and be less toxic with not being able to start over or hide so easily without dumping close to 20 bucks on a paid name change ticket.

People are far more likely to remember you both in a positive and negative way if they grouped with you in group finder content since there is only 1 version of your name rather than 1 per server! Again this is great and will hopefully lead to nicer interactions in general to get invited back in the future

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I’m gonna ask you in 3 months from now when you will be creating your alt with those naming restrictions if that is still a good idea :upside_down_face:

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I’m going to create all of my alts tomorrow… all 6 of them. Appearances and all.

And yes, even if it means me personally having to reach for a unique name later on I still think it’s a good idea.