Register your guild's server choice (and language) here

Edit: go here if you just wan to know which server speaks which language.

There’s a community spreadsheet making the rounds on the various unofficial discords. (The sheet is not mine, so I cannot answer any specific questions, sorry) a LOT of guilds are registering there to see which server speaks what and how the population is divided.

On the upper left there’s a link to a google form that feeds back into the sheet. You can use it to add your guild to the list.
It requires to link a discord server and the personal discord ID of the guildmaster, so take into account you could be PM-ed by 1337 people during launch.
(read-only html view of the sheet here if it crashes for too much users)

Compressed view of the above gsheet here. Alternative link if it crashes here.
Another great view with weighted points for huge/medium/small guilds here.

infographic on the abovementioned gsheet:

Official take on the abovementioned abovementioned here:

Please note that Kadan is the EU PvP server, so it’s the most “international”, that’s why so many guilds are going there.

Streamer’s server, what I have been able to gather so far:


Creator Server Notes
Sywo Kadan
Lin-0 Kadan
Wilky Zinnervale
Neeko2lo No Specified Server Might be on Zinnervale too


Content Creator Server Notes
Saintone NA West Mari (maybe EU Kadan too)
Asmongold Undecided as of last twitch stream
Koleverii NA East Regulus
Stoopzz NA East Azena
Laufie NA East Azena/Una Uncertain AFAIK
SONII NA West Valtan
DatModz NA East No Specified Server
NotGrenton NA East No Specified Server

What’s cross-server and what’s not?

Cross Server (i.e: the whole Region)
Raids, Dungeons, Cube, Boss Rush, Platinum Fields, Auction house, Character name uniqueness, PvP arenas, Ranked PvP

Server Specific
Guilds, Friend list, Open world (includes island co-op quests), GvG, Life skills (gathering), In-game elements (mounts, pets, Legacy level etc.)

Cross Server in Kr (no idea when we’ll get the patch, might be in at launch for all we know)
Strongholds (i.e.: visiting other people’s privat islands for the amenities), Unranked arena premades (i.e.: queue as a group)

Cross Region (i.e.: EU with NA)
Nothing that we know of


Thanks for posting this (I had already seen it on reddit, but happy to see it going wider). As a guild leader trying to pick a server it’s hugely valuable.

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it’s honestly a very helpful effort, I did not find it posted, so here we are.
Btw, my thanks to whoever came up with it :slight_smile: I’m trying to spread it around as much as possible

There’s a recap divided for language here Lost Ark EU Server Data - Google Drive

BE AWARE that this is still based on a relatively small amount of hardcore guilds and unofficial discords

over on reddit u/apretorii made an infographic based on said gsheet, reposting it here

No update on the google doc showing.

You might have to wait a bit, if too many people access a gdrive doc it can get slow.

For support, please ask on Lost Ark unofficial discord

@Ehn is this image yours?

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no, it’s from u/apretorii over on reddit.
they’re not extremely active over there, so it might have been a one-off effort

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Thank you very much for the clarification :slight_smile:

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I would not focus on that sheet so much… we are not sure if this is not watched just by core fanbase… which could be 10% of total.
Channel where this was originally posted has something around 17k followers.

This list was actually posted by 5(!) big german PC-games sites, telling people that Asta will be the german server and Kadan PVP server.

so i can only speak of the German speaking countries, but the majority that have an interest in the game, know Asta is german.

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On behalf of how many players do you speak ?

So Kadan or Zinnervale for people who want to use English i take it? Also why is there a PvP hub if you can’t queue as a team in ranked?

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Kadan is a “PvP hub” … this means you can do 3-man premade practice with like-minded people. And very competitive GvG when it’s available.
Ranked and 2-man premade practice (i.e.: with the third man as random) is across the whole region as you said.

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For more PvP focused folks. There is also open world PvP and more modes coming in the near future that are PvP related.


Oh ok, Kadan it is for me then.

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Like I said, 5 big and well known German pc gaming sites posted an article about the list.
How should I know how many players that could be?

Just saying, the info is out there, and in my personal opinion, any German player who Google Lost Ark in the last couple of days, and has an interest in the game, saw it.

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Guess I won’t be playing PvP then cause there’s no way in hell I’m touching a Turkish server after what happened in NW.

Why can’t we put the PvP hub onto an unclaimed server?

it’s not a turkish server. simply the (small number of tbh) turkish guilds are split 50/50 between kadan and trixion. there’s some turkish presence in slen too for that matter.
look at the data too, not just the infographic. as you can see here turk guilds are spread across all 3 servers.


kadan was selected as a pvp server before the whole language thing. people flocked to it naturally