Rehersal, cant join

I cleared Kakul on main, but i still have rehersal for my alt. 1 roster limit, never did rehersal. Do u have same problem?

If you clear kakul on main then you clear the rehersal aswell automatically so you don’t have to do it.

Cant do it on my alt 1400?

Yes you cant join on your 1400 alt because rehersal mode is a 1 roster limit raid, meaning if you do rehersal OR clear kakul on one of your characters then the rest are unable to enter it.

I never did rehersal and cant join with my alt, so it is a bug?

Unfortunately you get locket from rehersal if you cleared normal 1st. Next week do the rehersal on any alt you want and then do normal on main.

So i lost rehersal on alt cuz i cleared it on main before? XD

You can do it next week, I think

No sense, it is 1 time roster limit…

It’s not a bug, clearing 1475 kakul-saydon raid also locks you out automatically from rehersal meaning if you do it on your main now you cant do rehersal on your alts, BUT don’t worry ! you get all the rehersal rewards from clearing normal kakul-saydon.

It is done like that because long time ago koreans were angry that they had to do both rehersal and normal raid to get all the rewards so they decided to give you rewards from both raids if you just finish normal kakul-saydon.

And what about Marks? i get 200 for normal clear, if someone do rehersal + normal he didnt get 400?

if you do rehersal on your alts you will get 200 marks, if you then go and do the normal raid you will get 0, why you may ask ? it’s because you have already cleared rehersal and got your 200 marks there so you won’t get any more from normal raid.

At the end of the week no matter how you do it you should always end up getting 200 marks.

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