Rejoice fellow demonic shadow hunters main and alts

No more cockroach

Demonic Shaodw Hunter will retain original form!


Demonic Impulse legendary engraving books gonna get even more expensive.

i think having the possibilité to do a character customisation of the demon form would be so good. changing the skin is… worried for me because pple want to put customisation like skin on they character and having a new model indicate its not going on this way
New model is still cool

still waiting for keybind remappings

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What is this? What have i missed?

New demonic form on KR PTR

I got my perfect depression +12 for the moment they rework it (lmao)

Nah i meant the keybind remapping

Oh that, sorry.

People are asking to be able to move the spell in demonic form.

Aaaah okay XD