Relax and have fun as a new player ^_^

We play games to have fun, yes?

Lost Ark can be super confusing when you’re a new player, there’s a lot of different aspects of the game to learn. That said, lets talk about chilling and getting things done, without rushing, stressing ilvl, and paying to advance in the game.

Starting your journey in LA is simple. Rethramis is the first continent your on, just complete all those quest and side quest :slight_smile: (start doing daily rapports asap too).

From here, our order of continents to go through are as follows:

Rethramis > Yudia > West Laturra > East Laturra

Its all connected! Finally we set sail, off to new and exciting adventures!

GO EXPLORING!! You see those islands that says 250? Those are safe to do below level 50. Do all of the islands you can while leveling to 50 (going back and forth from island hopping to main quest is A-Okay.)

After some exciting exploration, you should visit the following continents to continue the main story:

Tortoyk > Annika > Arthetine > Shushire

PAUSE!!! Your main quest after Arthetine will tell you to go to North Vern. If you’ve followed what I’ve said so far, your already over level 50 and will get Strumburge (the boat you get to go to Shushire) and will have 0 difficulty doing the content. ***Side Note: If you payed attention to the story, at the end, they tell you that you should visit Shushire :wink: This does not break any questing, in fact, it saves you from messing up your vern pass on accident.

Wow! You’re half way through the world already! Time to do North Vern and get your T1 gear! This will be a very fast upgrade. If you’ve followed everything i said previously, your swimming with T1 mats and will more than likely be sitting there just honing until you’re at the ilvl you need.

GO EXPLORING!!! Remember how you seen those islands that had a higher level than 250? Well, now you can access more of them with your new ilvl!! Yay!

Your next set of continents are as follows:

Rohendel > Yorn > Feiton > Punkia > South Vern

From here on out, you already kinda know what you’re doing. You should have unlocked your UNA tasks a long while ago (like before or after Arthetine by just exploring), and should have started doing those after unlocking them :wink:

By now, your collectibles should be looking pretty nice, with at a minimum of 20+ souls. You should also have so many T1 and T2 mats that you have chest put away in your roster storage because you have such an abundance.

OH! Almost forgot, those T1 and T2 chest, backpacks, bundles, etc that you get while doing all the T1 and T2 islands, put them away in your roster storage until you need them. Opening them binds those materials to that character. They can be shared on other toons if you leave them in their chest and in your roster storage.

While you’re on the continents, its best to complete everything on your adventure tome, excluding rapport, before leaving to go to the next area. Just a heads up: There will be some Una task and/or rapport foods that you’ll have to wait on for some of the tomes.

Punika starts T3, once you’re there, you will need to start the T3 grind and will already have a bunch of stuff chilling in your storage to get you started. T3 has a few levels to it, I wont get into that here.

Have fun and play at your own pace.

Note: If you’re only worried about getting to T3 as fast as possible, this post is not for you :slight_smile:


hi i am a new player
hard to have fun when i am only surrounded by bots and not real players
rather skip to where humans are… however, powerpasses are disabled!

Bots are everywhere. Its best to just ignore them and keep doing you :confused:


not a single real person is around me in an mmo in these places

have you tried creating a new character and doing what you said? where every quest boss or mob is being farmed by bots and you need to wait your turn and keep spamming hoping you get the kill before them.

dungeons? no one is queuing in matchmaking, i have to solo them!
also when i want to do field bosses for my adventure tome, no one is doing them!
not a good or fun experience.

Actaully yes, I just started leveling a gunslinger and i only just got her to T1… what I do when I see bots farming what I need is disrupt them and take the drops/kill etc. If you need help with a world boss, just ask in the sea zone chat. Most people have no problems helping out with that stuff, myself included

Choas dungeons can take a bit to fill, i had to wait a few minutes to get my T1 dungeons done… i just went and did other stuff while i was waiting for the que to pop

When it was released on February you will find so many players queuing for quest dungeons,now you have to do it solo and its soloable.

Chaos dungeons preferably solo because you can clear it quicker,just dont matchmake on this one.

For abyssal dungeons i have to admit that there are no more / not enough new players to play with since most of the players are on T3,so for this one just matchmake. But sometimes you are going to meet T3 players in this T1 dungeons, usually they are doing “card runs”.

And 1 more thing,do your field bosses when you are have higher ilvl,so you can solo them in low tier area.

I have also recently restarted the campaign and am taking an Arcanist through. If I can give any advice, it would be to resist the fomo and enjoy the campaign. Everything the OP said is true, and all the campaign can be done solo. Once you get to tier 1 - early t3, you will start doing dailies that give you mats to hone your gear. If you did all the islands & side quests like the OP said, you most likely will have most of your mats that you need. Any mats that you don’t have, I’d encourage you to do chaos dungeons to get. You most likely won’t find any parties for guardian raids before Yoho (that are manageable), so I’d encourage you to use the built in method for getting these done through special voyages in your stronghold! I’m not sure at what point you unlock them, but they give you solid xp and mats for guardian raids.

Hope you have a blast playing through the game! And don’t mind the bots, just remember that the end game is where the true multiplayer experience begins. Bots are lame and the devs are actively working on getting a hold of this problem.

Welp they don’t hurt do they? Simply ignore them and play the game .

If you are new just quit that’s the best advise. The game is dope but sadly Amazon Games is a bad publisher, they can handle bot since the launch, and every decision they make against bot is bad for real player also they’re killing the plague and the people at the same time

I am referring to story dungeons. Also, I am a new player, I don’t have runes, cards, card collection books, engravings or roster level benefits or skill potions, for you it might be easy, but for a new player, doing these story dungeons solo is both a lonely and miserable experience.

I tried, they were busy doing their own field boss kill moake.

Yeah, this was very bad, I didn’t even get to hit the bosses, they were one shot, learnt nothing and couldn’t enjoy the fights.

yeah thats why I said skipping with a punika pass is the way to go, since I am gonna skip them and come back when high ilevel.

I can’t use that, I need to kill the guardian at least once.

very concerning seeing how much in story zones, its been 6 months now, very bad impression.

That is the worst possible advise. Why would you suggest a player to quit if he likes the game?

one of my rl buddies started 2-3 weeks ago, now he is 1370 with his main and i am helping him with oreha hm&co

he also played the story and dungeons alone due to no players there, but it was fine as he was learning the basics anyway.

for any new player my advice would be- try different chars@trixion, choose one as your main, go through “singleplayer” story to 50, then climb up your way to 1302, use hyper express to 1370 where the game actually starts (with real players!).

and dont forget to take the 4k gold guardian raid questline xD

then: use your punika pass + 2x vern passes on alts which you actually wanna play, so try them out at trixion again and dont waste the passes (when they will be enabled again).

afterwards, create your last 2 alts for 6x gold income cap, i suggest to buy the punica passes dircetly from shop and skipping the KT - you safe time and time is $.

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If you like being a 9-5 slave then this game is for you. 90 percent chaos dungeon guardian raids unas task daily weekly whcih are boring and 2 percent fun which are legion raids which can be done once a week per char that are gated.

It’s like drugs once you get hooked you can’t stop. So piece of advise is if you are not willing to invest time or money then don’t involve yourself in this game anymore as later on even if you want to quit you will say I I vested x amount of money or x amount of time and will still keep playing just for that reason

(x) doubt

I did all the story dungeons alone when I went through them… I did it that way because I wanted to get all the seeds in the dungeons and I didn’t want to be rushed or have others upset from me taking my time. All of the story dungeons are very easy to get through on you’re own, luckily you don’t need a hard core build to get through them :slight_smile:

That’s how I was when I was new. I did have fun exploring islands and stuff. Especially the land of truth. Truly amazing experience. But now what I do everyday are just chores: chaos dungeons, guardians, una tasks, shangra farming, adventure islands either for gold or souls, chaos gate, field bosses etc. for drops.

The fun contents like Oreha, Argos and Valtan are once a week per character. Welp maybe they’re fun because again, once a week, not once everyday. Not mentioning Vykas because I have a hard time with its mechanic. Feel like I have to really really focus and act fast, which is my weakness. So although I can go hard Vykas with my ilvl, I dread even going to normal.

Totally agree with you. The best part of the game was having new things to do and explore… Once you’re at T3, its all daily and weekly repetition :frowning: When I finished all the questing, I got bummed out… I’m looking forward to new story, Islands and the pet ranch :slight_smile: