Release Class Schedule (Thought)

Hi everyone !

I don’t write on forums in general, i was looking for more info about classes to be released, since i have already played on RU server.
I have a suggestion about the classes who have to come for AGS, of course it is just a suggestion:

Can you release 2 classes at a time ?

Why ? 1 - Because this version of LA have been launch with the least classes available across the world.

2 - A huge chunk of LA playerbase already know the classes.

3 - More than anything the game have been ripped off of the base launch classes : “Destro, Arcana, Summoner”.

4 - Since people have been waiting for years and knowing that this version of the game is ripped off, it just stack up the frustration of the playerbase ( Classes is one of the most important part in LA ).

Content doesn’t matter if the main classes is not present, i’m talking about “Destro, Summoner and Arcana” i main Reaper but i understand that my class isn’t a base class and should be released after those one first.

= >> Sadly the missing base classes should not in the first place be missing ! <<= ( To release one class at a time will be a huge pain for players and certainely, by time, just gonna stop the game ).

That’s why, for everyone to be happy, devs and players i think releasing 2 classes at a time is best ( i would prefer 3 but not gonna to happen i guess lol ). But it should definitely be quicker than one class / one, two month.

Sorry for my bad english.