Release elgacha 1560 ilvl content NOW

Most whales and RMTers are ready for elgacha 1560 content already so release it


So are a fair bit of the bots.


That’s a steal! What region?

Every region! I think NA regions are even a little cheaper clocking in at 20k gold for 8 bucks

We worked it out in a different thread, AGS is $336 Canadian Myple Syrup for 100k, RMT is $76 Beavers.

Bruh I just looked, EU is cheaper than NA for 5 to 10%

Let’s all be g2g enjoyers and take the 3 day vaca- I mean suspension


But then u can’t buy much anyway, a single decent accessory is 100k. Maybe if they do 1 mil then it’s fair

U mean they will be clearing elgacha dungeons in less than 3 days

Amazon is really generous , aren’t they? You not only get a steal you also get free vacation on top of that. Truly a company that listens to the feedback.

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Bs, there’s no vacation even if u want one

How much is 283320 RC, if $10 is 1 million gold then it’s really good

we already have all the content in our files , but we will have to wait 6 months for it.

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283229 / 12000 (largest crytal bundle) * whatever that bundle costs for you

I don’t even know what a bundle would cost lol

  • I don’t think AGS likes this line of discussion.


I just stumbled upon a 1520 berserk on my server (euw).
Me and gf arguing if he is legit or not.

The first thing I usually check are gems (idk if it’s a good reference, but since you have to spend almost 2mil for 11 level 10 gems, I always think it is)

So we decide to do some math and I just found out that to get around 2mil, you need to buy 455k RC. That’s like 3500€… in my opinion, for a whale, that’s nothing.

For good measure I made a report, writing “can you check if he’s legit”, but I’m starting to doubt who is rmt’ing and who is not

To be fair $5000 in a lot of Gacha games is nothing, you could spend that monthly, even daily.

Doesn’t mean they are or are not RMT, but the actual number value of money means nothing in the overall picture of things.

For that kind of money you easily could get about 5mil gold. Even more I think. There is no insentive to buy royal crystal when even roxx gave green light for Rmting. Just today there was a shadowhunter about 1540~ iLevel making fun of amazon lol.

At this point the jokes write themselves.

I have seen that thread, and she did not gave any green light, but she just made a statement which was very ambiguous and a lot of people misinterpreted, you included