Release every classes pls

The only thing i dont understand is about characters. I love play alts, differents classes, its a huge different way to play the game and i love it. But why would u not release every characters of the game right now ? Atm i enjoy 4 classes and i dont like the rest. I know in korea and russia they have reaper and arcanist, i can see them play these classes and i cant play it for no reason.

I have to play 2 classes over my 6 characters that i dont like, i will have to delete them, lose materials, 1200 gold just because you dont release classes already playable on other regions.
The hype for a new class is here when its not released anywhere. But here is just frustration, waiting idk how many months and force you to play during all this time, classes that you dont like.

Please release every classes right now