Release T3 Honing buff

Like title said, theres alot of RMT players with max ilvl, some even past 1500 with all lv 10 gem and 5 alt at 1445, clearly RMT, theres even a EU destroyer maxed out full gem +10, why punish the legit players that also are customers, spend real money and time, without the honing buff, while THESE players spending thousand on RMT don’t get banned at all ? @Roxx start banning these F players or just open the door and let everyone do whatever they want, Steam Charts are at 660k active players, and you know more than half are bot, at this point you and your company lost the war, accept it and embrace it, release honing buff so we, the losers can aleast evolve more and not stay years behind ilegal RMT users.