Release The Game Alrdy!

Srsly the game is finished … small bugs that don’t matter and that you can fix next to. Why the hell are you wasting so much time? Even the German translation is very good in this game, although everyone draws the worst against English. Please don’t wait any more months.

Not going to release it into the teeth of Endwalker.

They will polish it, remove the remaining bugs and translation and voice issues, and then release in 22 (I am guessing, based on the good state it is in now, earlier in 22 than the 3/31 plug date).

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what do you mean, Endwalker is no opponent for Lost Ark, they don’t need to be afraid of anyone lol

Noone is going to launch another MMO when the largest MMO is releasing an expac. It isn’t about fear, it’s about stupidity.