Release Vykas on the 23rd and Punika Growth Pack Unchanged

According to their latest announcement we don’t seem to be getting Vykas released this week. This is a call to reconsider and release her this week along with the removed Punika Growth pack, same pack contents and same price, no changes to the pack. Bump to be heard.

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wath annoucement?

How to get milk’d 101 and easy profit by selling Honing mats (Punika Growth) cuz “no honing buff, no enough mats.” :clown_face:

That was expected when they don’t attempt to release the honing buff. :+1:

wtf did i just read

I don’t know if this confirms anything, however, I was hoping it might not come this week. Nothing has been confirmed since beggin.

They did say mid june but it wasn’t released last week so everyone expected it this week.

very unlikely we’re getting it this week.

It’s almost certain that we are not getting Vykas this week. They’re stalling.

Delete damn punika growth pack and add 1460 stronghold research instead. Thanks

Imagine not getting the honing buff with Vykas, that’s a given. How about both? we want both. What are we supposed to keep our roster parked at 1370?