Release weekend ahead

I really enjoy Lost Ark as far as I got. Gives me big D2 vibes.
The German voice overs are great, too.

When I read about European communitys wanting to join servers, I especially took one that was not mentioned and did not pop my bronze chest yet. I am going to wait for how things turn out after the weekend and maybe consider switching servers to avoid queues. Even if I’ll lose my progress.

This sucks and I know a lot of people feel betrayed and what so ever. I can understand this, I felt the same after the New World launch. With streamers and their ppl clogging up servers, too. That’s why I didn’t consider a bigger chest dlc for Lost Ark. I knew there could/would be some kind of trouble.

This said, I hope we’ll all get through this launch weekend okayish or at least alive, with some sleep and some more chill. I am looking forward to when this is settled and hope I’ll get to stick to the game as long as I did with D2 and not like NewWorld.

Cheers to everyone who mastered queue simulator 1 or/and now queue simulator 2!

yea it’s gonna suck i hope my server doesn’t have any ques but i highly doubt it. logged off today came back on after lunch break and saw that 1 of the servers is now locked for new players due to capacity. didn’t say full it just said busy.

on the bright side is if there is a que i can sleep until my next day off. on the downside i want to play as well despite i’d have like only 2-3 hours to play i could still get some stuff done.

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