Releasing Artist early will not solve the problem of low amount of supports

Hello all,

At the moment in the game we have not enough supporter to be able to play the newest content available. In my opinion this is the worst situation that could possibly happen (besides of bugs). But I’ve read a lot of threads telling that the only solution is to release the artist early. Let me tell you… It’s not…

Why releasing the artist early will not solve the problem of not having enough supports?

At the moment we get content release after content release and the content releases will not get less. Everybody wants to reach the gearscore requirements to be able to play the newest content asap. And actually this is the reason why to release a new support class will not solve any of the support problems we currently face.

The main problem is that nobody wants to play support as a main character. If you try to queue for Argos p1 you will find bunch of supports and enough to be able to play around. Everybody has supports, but as alt characters.

So what is the real solution we need to solve the problem?

Rework the support class, give supporters some advantages towards other classes and make sure that people really want to role swap and play their support classes consistently as their mains. So they will upgrade their new mains (support classes) for every new content release. And these people will after these changes are made obviously need some events to be able to gear up fast enough to be able to match the release schedule of new content. Because if they need to again play from the beginning on without any help, they will never consider swapping mains.

In my opinion it’s delusional to think, that one class release will solve the problem. It could maybe help solving the problem, but if you look on the entirety of players that play the Artist in Korea you can say, that it will not increase the amount of players that MAIN support.

So to conclude what I want to tell is it that what we need are support mains!!! And we need to think about how we can lead people to main support and not only play support as one of 6 alt characters. We do not need a new class that everybody wants to play as an alt, because they will not reach the gearscore requirements for new content fast enough - they will always always always upgrade their mains first!

Let me know about your opinion and have a nice discussion!


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Seriously… there’s multiple post that you could post in rather than make a new one. At this point this is just spam from both sides.


Another approach to adapt to the situation is simply tell the group of 1 support + 7 DPS is to just tell them to bring heavy armor 3 and choosing people that have classes with some shield mechanics or self-healing mechanics.

Releasing Artist will solve nothing.
The Playercount of the ones who will play Artist is pretty small.

  1. She’s a “loli” - fu western playerbase. The effort you put into blaming matures beeing pedo just cause the class is designed young is such a bullshit. The attraction you put into this topic causes issues, not the case itself.
    You have Kids?
    Ever told a bad word?
    If you act like nothing happens everything is fine. Bad shit is getting real if you act guilty after saying - your kids will never forget.
    Same Here: You “normal” people playing a GAME in a fantasy world are acting like everyone who plays a Artist is a pedo. What bring’s me to…
  2. Cencored
    I would bet Artist will have change in looks cause all of this “Pedo” posts.
    You don’t think so?
    They allready changed some looks for the west, highly doubt they stop here.
  3. Lets start “real” reasons for smart people
    Support ist not a DPS.
    Nothing left here.
    Supports are just not popular enough.
  4. Supports already playing Supports.
    Yes I’m sure there are a lot of people who play DPS cause they don’t like Bard or Paladin and waiting for a different support.
    But will it fix the current issues?
    It will not.
    Get that Idea off of your head.
    If you are a healer or a support and you’re playing a game for more than 3 month, you’re already playing the ROLE you like. Not a single Main Support ist thinking “I’m playing a DPS until there is a Support I like” AND is playing ACTIVE.

Take me as an example: I fell in love with Artist with the first gameplay trailer released (following this game for years) and I will, 10000%, play Artist.
But as a Main?
Surely not. “Main” Alt? Yes, but not as a Main.

A lot of people will act the same.

  1. Different classes will never fit the place people want to be in.
    A bit more specific but overall the same like Number 4.
    Noone will switch from a high hitting, action based roxxor to a flower kissing Girl just cause the playerbase needs it.
    Want to Bring more people to play Supports?
    Give benefits to Supports.
    First clear with a support does not use daylie or weekly entry.
    Supports get double (rooster bound to prevent Bots) Materials so they can push their DPS Alts/Mains faster.
    Something like this.

The Artist release, which will happen not early, will change nothing or at least not in an impactful way.


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It will
/Case closed

It will help. That’s it.


Don’t worry xaido is known as foren troll

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The only thing I disagree with is reworking them. They COULD add to their solo damage a bit more but other than that they’re overpowered. They’re just not as fun to play because you’re a glorified babysitter. And that’s a needed position, unfortunately. Your do also bring added damage with synergy skills but you’re mostly a babysitter and a very good one.

Well, let me guess, you are 1445 Berserker player who was looking for supports and who cannot think outside the box. Obviously 1 class out of 20++ will save the game state! You got this!!

You will obviously be the first person to main artist as she is gonna be released and you will also reach 1460 for Vykas hard mode day 1 to be able to play with other people. Or let’s say day 1 for Kuku. You will stop upgrading your main and funnel everything onto the artist. Kekw

Thank you for calling me “foren troll”. It has been my first ever post right now as people like you need to understand, that what they say is complete bullshit - sorry for my expression, but I do not need to argue with people like you. Accept it or not, your amazing argument will not change my mind.

Great we talked about!

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It was just an example. My intention is that Smilegate and Amazon should approach that problem differently and not just release the artist and think this will solve the problem consistently. I cannot tell you how to do it since I have no idea - It’s very difficult. Seems like support classes also receive not enough “attention” - I do not think this is the right word here, but I cannot explain exactly what I really mean. It’s like they could maybe build in a tool to give support classes more confirmation about what they actually do. I mean DPS classes always see their DPS but for support players I guess it can be hard to see the impact you have in your party, which can lead to people not having fun playing these kind of classes, because everybody wants to see which impact she/he had within the raid. I also guess the MVP screen for support classes is not enough.

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That is exactly your problem,

A. You just keep saying things about other people.

B. No I have a static and no problems. just would like to play the class since it was announced. Because I already played Bard and Pala and they just didn’t appeal to me.

C. The fact that you are constantly teasing people and are often called a troll is really nothing new.

just stop slamming things at people’s heads and take a look at your own nose (I bet that doesn’t come across right again, literally, cause deepl).

Just be nice to people and put yourself in other people’s shoes instead of just assume things.

It’s actually quite remarkable that this game has anyone wanting to play support - considering the attitude of the player base towards those that actually bother to play them.

I personally would love to play multiple supports - but there is no way in hell that’s possible with the way this game is designed.

On release, a dps player whose class wasn’t released just picked their 2nd favorite dps class and waited. A support player whose class wasn’t released (I.e, artist) just picked bard or paladin and waited. It’s kind of crazy to think there are ten’s of thousands dps players who really want to play support but just hated bard and paladin so much they chose dps.

And they they are all going to open their wallets and get their artists to 1445-1460 asap and completely solve the support problem. Just not likely. More likely it’s artists that just want their class released and will use any reason for it. Not blaming them but it is what it is.

I have a few guildies that have been saving a long time for artist. You make a good point that it doesn’t solve everything, but you’re incorrect in thinking they’re not going all-in on that new class the way people did with glaivier

I can just repeat myself:
This was my first ever thread or comment I have posted. You got the wrong guy and keep offend people you do not even know.

You should really double check the names and/or people you offend first. It’s sad…

I think you do not understand the message behind my post. It’s not about releasing the artist next month or in 4 months. I would also love to play the artist, but as an alt. My girlfriend wants to play the Artist as a main (she is already playing main support). So I hope the artist will be released asap. But the release of the artist will unfortunately not solve the support problem since not enough people will change their mains and play support instead. To think that one class release out of 22 total classes will solve the problem is imo delusional. Amazon and Smilegate need to tackle this problem within another approach - and that’s what my post is about.

In the world you will always meet people who have another opinion than you. For you, I hope you do not offend people as troll right away just because they think differently. You know what? It’s a privilege to have an own opinion.

If you now tell me, that I have started to offend people, just scroll up a bit and you will see your comment. As I said… That is my first ever post in the Game Feedback area (I have posted sth. for my guild before in the guild area)…

:clown_face: Since people want to troll.

I’m a simple person.
Play bard. Wait on reaper. If I can’t have my main DPS now, I might as well push a support I will need in the future.

More obvious is your first account got banned in here cause trolling.

I mean not everyone is called themself random “Xiado”

Sherlock Holmes on the case… You will find the name Xaido on a variety of fantasy name sites and I’d guess this is the reason why it’s a very common name. But it’s only a guess, I am not sure about it… You need to be right with your assumptions, that my first account got banned, that’s why I have a post for my guild from March. Same goes for the assumption that the Artist release will solve every problem. :slight_smile:

Nothing to add here, thanks for the amazing conversation and all these insinuations…