Releasing content based on players ilvl data is the wrong way to go

Many people are hoarding mats or decided not to push because :

  1. Main class is not out
  2. Waiting for honing buffs ← I bet majority including me are on this because it feels horrible to progress pass 1385
  3. Selling mats to make gold instead of progressing
  4. Lack of 1370 mats (silver, Greater Leapstone, gold)
  5. No reason to push 1415 atm since there’s no content event with SV out.
    You guys have been doing a great job pushing the T3 entry levels to 1370 with books, but 1385-1415 is worse than 1340-1370.

Instead of relying on your data for the average ilvl, you should estimate how much is required to push from 1370-1415 on average with bad luck. Let’s say it requires 1000mats for each mats (red/blue stones, leapstone,silver,gold,etc), Based on that you should determine how fast do you want the players to reach 1415. If you want them to reach there by 3 weeks, then you should provide these materials + bound (minus the in-game resources from dailies) whether in a span of 2 weeks event or one time immediately. That way you rule out point no 1,2,3,4. Even if they hoard, by the time you release valtan, they will be able to push because you already gave out enough mats.

And now you are releasing south vern that gives nothing to help 1370++ :

  • 2 hours of MSQ
  • A weekly dungeon that won’t provide Great Honor Leapstones
    How are you going to expect average to reach 1415 by may, we will not see valtan until atleast june with this speed.
  1. Legit reason, agree 100%
  2. Thats ppls problems, devs intended for people to push with normal rates and i doubt they will add anything else (apart from few mat events now and then).
  3. Again , ppls problems as Smilegate didnt intend that you sell mats and make profit for future,but to invest all in your main and try to level it up to the point where you will be able to get ready for Valtan.
  4. Agree 100%

Yes, Hence it’s out of smilegate’s reach and can’t rely based on players ilvl data only.