Releasing Destroyer without Powerpass is a huge mistake

I have no doubt this is a AGS decision, because there is no way Smilegate would be okay with this absurd decision.

Using the frequency of class releases in the West is not a valid excuse for Destroyer to not get a Powerpass.

So many players already used the Feiton Powerpass because they were under the impression (and rightfully so) that it had a very short time limit AND that another one would be coming with Destroyer.

Please reconsider, AGS. At least let us buy a Powerpass if you’re not going to give us one for free. Will some complain about having to pay? Sure, but it’s no different than what Korea has (both free and paid).

Edit: I am not one of the many players being negatively impacted by the lack of a powerpass or Express event for Destroyer. However, I have friends who are and I’ve no doubt many players are furious over how AGS has handled this.


They gave you the expiration date for the powerpass and the express event. If anyone who actually really wanted to main destroyer or use him as a primary alt they would’ve considerd not using it on another class and saving both. This seems like a non issue if you looked ahead and checked the dates. I do agree that they should’ve allowed us to purchase a feiton powerpass at this point. The games been out long enough.


Stuzii your post makes absolutely no sense considering in every other region they have always released a powerpass with the release of a new class.

There is only 1 reason they chose not to release a powerpass with Destroyer: To get people to spend more money boosting their destroyer up. End of conversation.

Anyone who wants to argue that they shouldn’t release more powerpasses because they are releasing classes so much more frequently is delusional or just not considering basic game design. The faster they release classes, the MORE we need powerpasses due to not having time to farm mats, raise other characters first, etc.

No powerpass is a decision made simply to increase their revenue, end of story, end of discussion.


I don’t know who made this decision but I’m getting burned out leveling alts. I refuse to level through story again and I’ll soon run out of knowledge transfers (we have a hard cap, right?)

Sure T1 is pretty fast, T2 is a slog though without spending gold to buy mats or having events that give a decent amount of materials (I don’t consider this Casual guardian event to give decent mats. Naruni was good).

T3 is where the fun starts for me (that’s when I start spending money to buy skins and such) and if I have to start off at T1 each time a new character is released… I’ll just stick to the characters we have and eventually get bored and quit.

I think the main problem is that whoever makes these decisions is not a gamer. They don’t understand gamers so make these wildly unpopular decisions.

Oh well, time will tell.


This is under the assumption that the powerpass and express are retroactive with new releases, simply based on a date even though it was never mentioned it would, in the same way others assumed each class would be getting one due to precedence.


I expected this result so since I would like to play/try Destroyer I saved the Feiton power pass.

I think as the situation is now. When we know what class comes after Destroyer a lot of people should decide if they want that class or Destroyer power passed.
It should be likely that 1-2 months after Destroyer there is another power pass we get.

So if you want to play Destroyer but not enough to be prepared or to grind/level/hone then wait 1-2 months and pick your favorit then.

I would like a power pass with each class but we could and should expect our western release to be more… ‘worse than expected’.

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True! I did not use my Feiton powerpass, leveled my Glaivier from zero, and today I get 1400…People cry for everything.

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3/4 days of grind correctly you get T3 . Considering that you already have another T3 char

AGS should really hop on this as a motto.

At Amazon Games, we believe in a future where everyone is a gamer, and should expect less. You can never disappoint if nothing is expected.

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The problem for me was the poor initial communication and the visual bug on the expiration date of the pass.

It has been made clear AGS want us to avoid making assumptions but then we are forced to make assumptions. I think if people were told you are only getting one pass for these classes there would have been less of an outrage. Even in one of the posts lasts week they said up until recently another power pass was still up for discussion. That information would of also been nice to know when the first pass dropped.

Outside of that I think the communication has improved and the May update post was fantastic.


Yeah, because they had much larger gaps between class releases and much more content in the game at the time to warrant each class release getting a power pass. Also not every class released got a power pass, so lets just stop spreading this kind of misinformation

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The original expiration date for the Feiton powerpass was bugged, so people thought it was going away after a week and therefore many used it on a different alt.

Many also used the Express event on a t3 character, because AGS did a terrible job showing that it’s meant for a t1-t2.

So the whole “people cry for everything” is belittling and uncalled for.


How about giving us the same amount of powerpasses the other regions had? What’s the difference between earlier or later.

The other regions get one about every 6 months…you are asking to get one 2 months in arrow. That would 6 times as often as KR gets them.

If anything they could put a 960 powerpass in the store for 2000 orange crystal

How would it be 6 times more if we get the same amount Just faster.


While I agree with these posts, to a point, I also feel like the amount of complaining would be better spent playing the game and hording resources for Destroyer.

I mean, look how many we have lol.

I used the 960 powerpass on my lowest alt a 302 vendor sitter and then used the express on a t3 on purpose as I don’t really play any non t3 any more. It allowed me to collect all the goodies really fast without having to run a character that I dont need.

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2 Classes announced, 2 different speed boosts given after announcement.

Some people used both immediately and now suddenly mad because now they don’t have auto win button for second class release.

sorry, not sorry but people should have learned some form of patience playing this game by now.

People jumping on the Glaivier hype train then regretting it, it’s obvious you guys didn’t plan to main Destroyer so why does it matter? Just use a knowledge transfer and if you don’t have one then why did you even use them all? if you weren’t even planning ahead in the future for the classes you wanted to play.

I’m against it simply because, people who have their mains in the game currently will be even further when they give more passes while theres so many are still waiting for the classes they want to play to even have the motivation to grind as much as the rest.