Releasing Vykass in June and then waiting a month for Clown is the play

With how fantastic this patches lead up and release has been, and how much hype there is around the power spike with relic sets this is not the time to lay off the gas. Introducing Vykass next month helps those players who aren’t yet able to do Valtan HM have another leg up on progression and gives everyone the full breadth of mid T3 content to play with while we get a small break before upper T3 starts.

I think you guys should take July to release 2 classes, get us caught up on the rest of the UI changes and QoL we’re missing and then set us up for Clown in August and Abrel in the Fall.


Liked the idea, would just change to Vykas on June and then a July break, to do what you just said on your post and on august Clown

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I’m down for this I want the booba boss ASAP

you do realise vykas is 1430 and then clown starts from 1475? If so, then you should be able to tell that AGS won’t release clown in 2 months.

Thats the normal one, hard is 1460, and wont be in 2, it will be in 3, if you are counting from now

you shouldn’t count hard one because AGS doesn’t. The only thing that matters is that clown will arrive no sooner than 3month since vykas release.

Thats ok too, 3 months from now on is August

What? Wtf are you talking about, no clue what this is even supposed to mean.


Vykas (1430/1460) is needed to complete the current relic sets. Saydon one month after is unrealistic I feel. Not that I’m against it but… our community is slow and full of fomo.

Edit: Two is :ok_hand:

Two, that would be two months.

August release would include a 1 month break between Vyakass and Clown.

You’re right, I need to sleep. Nevermind my post!

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