Relic accessories and wrong stats

been seeing a lot of dumb people with 5x3 engravings at 1460 and relic accessories with the wrong combat stats in party finder applications and especially in kungelanium matchmaking lately. oops you now do less damage than a 1415 at 2x3 engravings good job wasting your pheons.


u r so gud have a cookie

Since you seem to know the right stats and setups for all Classes, how bout to enlighten us?
How do we do it right?

but what makes you think that they wasted their pheons on wrong stats accessories and not that they dropped for them while doing raids etc? aside from that. why do you care too much about what people use? and most importantly why are you saying such words like this.

very rude.

if you think oh i dropped this accessory from a raid but using it drops my damage by 14% is good you have brain damage

“tradeable 2 times”

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again why does it bother you too much what people do? they’re playing their own game and you’re playing your own. what’s the point of making this thread and calling people “dumb” and “brain damaged” ? you’re trying to get your point through by insulting people?

You dont need perfect min/max gear to clear the content…/the end

Not really when they matchmake with you they’re also playing your game…

and you think complaining about them in the forums and being insulting too is gonna make it better?

I have no opinion on that as i dont really care, what i have an opinion on is when someone says people are playing their own game in a group. Factually wrong as theyre now playing their own plus someone elses.

they’re not playing your game tho. if you press on the button to “randomly matchmake” with randoms and have high expectations of them having game knowledge or whatsoever then that’s on you. you’ve got the option to make a party and pick whoever you see fit in it. rather than random matchmaking… in any online game if you choose to matchmake with randoms and then complain about them being bad then idk what to tell you…

I mean if you are a class that needs global 60% crit however, all ur acc give you a different stat. it can be gamebreaking in terms of ur dmg sucking despite 5x3

So what you’re saying is by the time a player gets to relics the game hasnt taught players enough and players also havent learnt enough to know what works? Are you saying the game is bad and the information it provides in the previous 1000 hours is subpar? Or is it everyone elses fault?

so you’re assuming every single player that plays a game too much is supposed to be a professional even while you can easily find the answer by playing any game that exists currently and see for yourself that playing the game too much doesn’t mean that person is a good player. besides that you also realize that you can buy your way up with $ to reach higher ilvl? you think only way to reach relics gear is by playing the game too much and grind endlessly whatsoever?

if we gonna assume that “playtime” = “game knowledge” then oh lord the amount of people with thousands of hours in other games and they still don’t know how to play or always make mistakes and give the people around them the feeling that they bought their accounts. you seem to actually think of it wrong. playtime doesn’t mean that person knows how to play the game. specially when the game we’re talking about could make you reach higher power faster than someone who grinded his ass off for thousands and thousands of hours. you just go past him with your wallet.

your right, however the people making these party’s think so, only of course after watching, their favorite KR streamer whos like 2 year ahead of us etc etc etc…you get the drill.

so stupid the mind set of players - you can do HM vykas currently with argos accessories and 4x3…youdont need 5x3 and relic to do it…even without a challenge.

NA plays to stronk

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Not that “it can” be it is. Engravings don’t mean shit because engravings build upon your stats. If you have wrong stats your engravings are simply not effective, even if you had 10 of them. People with trash builds and no brain will never die out, you can find them in all games.

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what a shit post and why u even care? holy moly and after u even call people brain damaged whats wrong with ur life? :rofl: feels bad for you

Can you send me 250,000 gold so I can do a better job setting up all my engravings and jewelry?