Relic Advance welding and Advance Mending unusable

I bought these books to increase honing chance for my brel gears but they dont seem to apply when I use it on the honing npc.

  • current gear plus is at +16
  • they came with the Brel update (purchasable with Phantom Mark)
  • I need at least a compensation if this thing does not work for brel gears that came with it on same patch, or I’ only wasted it on this garbage books that cannot be used. If not let me at least sell them on AH but they are bound on pickup.
    Lastly, why’d you put useless honing books in there if it doesn’t work with the new gears that came with it, it’s confusing and a trap.

Or make them roster bound so my other characters can use them.

those arent for brel honing, those are for honing the regular relic, u can see the name of the armors it applies to down there in the description of the books and its only for the ones crafted with valtan bones/vykas wings

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What is wrong with you ? You are so entitled its insane.

You get those books basically for FREE from the brel marks. They are absolutely insane for pushing alts.
And you call that a trap ? That is disgusting. Think about yourself.

I have no words. Seriously, what is wrong with you ?

Read the descriptions and use common sense, but based on what you have said, thats hard for you to do.

Jesus man. You need to start thinking.

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Hey there @Ayatola

As @halfmoonslash mentions, these honing books are only usable with the regular Relic gear pieces and not the Upper Relic gear obtained from the Brelshaza raid, as these items are intended for helping with honing alt characters.


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