Relic Rapport Gift Chest from 15 day login reward requires item level 1430 to open

There’s no reason a rapport chest should have an item level requirement, so I assume it’s a bug. Additionally, 1430 is an extremely high item level for our stage of the game, so no one can open it right now, and most people won’t be able to open it for a long time.

To explain why 1430 is insane, as if any requirement makes sense:

The cap of T3 chaos dungeon and normal mode Punika abyss dungeon gear is 1370. That’s hard cap at +15, there is no +20 option on that gear. At 1370, you can do Punika’s hard mode abyss dungeon, which lets you craft legendary gear that can upgrade to +20, and you need to upgrade that gear to +16 average (past the +15 soft cap) to reach 1430 to open this chest.

Seems like a tall order to me.



Yeah I just saw it as well.

Yeah just received it too. It has to be a bug. There’s no reason for this being this high of an iLvl to open it.

That’s a whole new level of git good :joy::joy:

Someone didn’t think this through. 15 day reward that is useless.

Came here to see if anyone else noticed this insanity. Can we get something we can potentially use?

Yeah, this is kind of goofy, like someone didn’t think this through.

They changed it after people have claimed it lmao… still 1430 req in my stash :frowning: