Relic Rapport Selection Chest still bugged after the "hotfix"

Hello, as the title states, people which already got the chest before the “hotfix” from [2/23 at 5 AM UTC / 6 AM CET] they are still stuck with the item being limited to 1430, not 1420.

Could you guys please fix this also? @Roxx

Appreciate it, have a good day!


Same issue to me. Still locked at 1430

Yep still 1430 ilvl required here too

Still locked :pensive:

same here


I also have this issue. It looks like the hotfix may have only resolved the issue for claims of day 15 made after the hotfix as the login event no longer shows the requirement in the tooltip.

Login Event - Tooltip

However, this hasn’t fixed the issue for players that made the claim and received the item in their inventory before the hotfix.

Tooltip of item in my inventory -

@Roxx / @TrevzorFTW - please can you give any clarity on this?

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Same. Had a hope for a while… :frowning:


Yepp me too. Headstarters getting punished again…

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Push for visibility.

Same here. I guess whoever redeemed the chest on time must wait for several months to claim it now.

same here, it seems fixed in the login bonus but if you had already claimed it still requires ilvl 1430
They need to fix the ones in the inventory too

a fix is coming in a few hours :slight_smile:

In our attendance event across all regions, the day 15 reward supplied a rapport item that was intended for higher item levels (1430). We have changed this reward for another rapport item that is more level appropriate. For players who have already claimed the day 15 item, this will be swapped out with the updated login reward during tonight’s maintenance.

Mine is also 1430. Hope it gets fixed soon!

The fix was implemented yesterday morning (UTC) so if you are still experiencing an issue I would recommend raising a support ticket through the AGS website.

Same here, I just claimed the 15 day reward today and still had the level 1430 requirement on there. Just did a web chat to report it.

still have the issue and i got the reward yesterday

Just got the item a couple mins ago - 1430. 15 days into the game? These rewards are idiotic.

In general, getting tired of the untradable, unsellable, indestructible, cannot be dismantled items being essentially forced upon me when inventory is limited and paid for. doesn’t exactly feel like they are giving me something - they are taking something away from me.

Doesn’t really matter, I will probably quit before even 400 and with dozens of inv slots open. Still annoying.

I see in my daily rewards screen the 1430 requirement is gone now, but I already claimed it and the chest still has the 1430 on it.