Relic Sets with Valtan

I know this probably won’t get an answer, but at least see, if you can include it in the announcement and patch notes for Valtan release.

Which Relic Sets will we get with Valtan release?
From what I understood Hallucination and Nightmare sets were released with Brelshaza/Abrelshud Legion Raid on the korean servers. I was wondering, if we maybe get them from the start as they change the playstyle and efficiency of many classes.

Sharpshooter for example will pop off when getting the Nightmare set, as we won’t struggle with mana anymore. Which is a big problem for me so far (Using Focus runes is not efficient.)

So, again, if you could include which Sets we will have available with Valtan release, that would be great!


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I can send u saintones guide, im pretty sure none of thrm can be made with valtan alone. U can either make 2 pieces of a set or 4. Some 3. But not the full 6

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Yeah you need vykas for the rest

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We should be getting new legendary sets too which will be the actual BiS until you can complete the relic set
Since you can get the set bonus from 4piece and still get the crit from 2piece Argos
This patch will be more about the relic accessories than the sets
Unless changes are made which I think they might be

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That is completely fine. Nightmare 2 piece is all I need for the 50% reduced mana cost. Otherwise I literally run out of mana non stop.

yea alot of classes will see an increase just with 2 set, hopefully the hooligans dont ask for vykiss delay so we can finish the set sooner, or we might be on 2 piece set for another year knowing how soft this region is

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@Roxx Do you think, we could get an answer about which Sets will be available starting on Thursday?
All other regions had showcases weeks in advance. It’s a very important information.