Relock The Servers

You came up with a great plan that benefited the most people possible. Then you decided to go against that plan and open the servers back up. Now we’re having problems we didn’t have to deal with before. Queues, higher ping, rubber banding, etc. Please relock the servers.

At least look at the highest population servers and lock them. Lock them now before the queues get even longer. Don’t open them back up until much later. I thought you would keep the servers locked for at least a week, not this one day lock.

Everyone shouldn’t have to suffer because some people couldn’t plan. We had stable good servers and that’s been taken away. Please lock the highest population servers for at least a week.


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Servers are relocked, have been for the past 10h (+/-). They were just briefly unlocked, becuase nobody was playing early early in the morning (EU time).

Its dynamic.

5h que time and still going

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Don’t get mad just for have queues in a launch of a big game in first release days
Think about a lot of people which still want to play with their friends and community.

The unlock was an awesome move after hear players complaining about those limits and accept that queues is something normal at the beginning.

Think in that way is kinda selfish and would like you to don’t expect for a short perfect experience and look for a future server and community health

They already offered tons of fixes. The problem here is that we had stable servers with good connections previously. Them opening the servers has made them significantly worse.

We didn’t have queues before, now they last ages. Even the low queues are waiting 45 minutes to an hour just to get in. With all of the region wide activity and the potential to move servers, it was unnecessary to reopen the high population servers we already had.

I don’t like the argument that queues in the beginning are normal. Great if you’re okay with it but the argument is it isn’t something we should have to deal with. We didn’t have to deal with it before and now we do because of an extremely vocal minority. If anything, figure out a way to give paid players priority in the queue. That is very common in games that do have queues. The paid players get priority.

I think it’s 100% selfish to force thousands if not millions of players into queues because your one friend didn’t get in your server.

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