Remember to tip your bus driver

For without him you would still be stuck in 1370 argos after 5000 hours and wouldn’t be able to pretend you are a pro who got where you are all on your own only to now bad mouth him


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Here’s a tip, stop bussing bots then maybe AGS’s ill attempts to level gate to prevent them from doing business may actually work. Another tip would to explain mechanics before the fight, as you do them or after the fight so some people could learn from reading rather than trying to make heads or tails on what you’re doing.


You think there is any such thing as being a Pro in this game?

Half the “hardcore” players are caught between calling the raids piss easy while being 40+ ilvl over and having watched a guide,

and apparently the other half are bastions of self sacrifice carrying the 5k hour noobs to greatness.

but you get your feelings hurt when people talk about bussing?


You cannot explain mechanics, those mechanics are very complex and requires years of training and muscle memory which can only come from playing the game.

At the current state of the game ain’t nobody got time for that.


Nah, you people get more than enough gold from your passengers. If you want more gold then learn to solo bus.

Hold on… for someone who figured out how knowledge transfers worked
only 4 weeks ago you sure have some strong opinions regarding gatekeeping and bussing :smirk:

I play this game on Company time and my boss is none the wiser.

Bro you play on NAW or NAE?

bots are honorable and don’t bid in no bid lobbies, players are not. if l had to choose between playing with bots and playing with gen pop, its bots every time

Another tip, do your research beforehand and learn before entry. random people you encounter aren’t your mom there to hold your hand through all the content


Nobody plays NAW

Nobody would register this game or any game for that matter as NAW as there is no real world difference in ping time with either region where as NAE always has way more people

I don’t know why you have to be arrogant i was just hoping to help you as i know you are a new player. Talking trash about NAW without even playing on region is just stupid I play on both regions and NAW is more active than NAE specially during night time as NAW have so many Asian players too. or you maybe thinking that only USA play the LA? NAW have players from USA, Singapore, ANZ/NZ, OCE etc and NAE only have NA east coast players.

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Toss a coin to your busser, oh valley of plenty, oh valley of plenty.

We all do busses in my guild and everyone agrees bussing should be banned

if you don’t like it then don’t do it, it’s really that simple.
not everyone has time to listen to someone for 15 mins to learn how it works,
most people got a job/life. Meaning they cant play the game for 15hours straight everyday like most of the kids playing this game.

if the game was beginners friendly to begin with then no one would do busses.

emmm, what company I also want to go to join

naw that dead


bot city takes another one

make sense with no real players to bus, it would end up that all the players at endgame just bus bots/multi-boxers therefor allowing the endgame loop to still exist. feels ok man.

That legion raid qol that happened in kr o man gonna be big money. :moneybag:

From what I’ve read, bots make their gold from trade skilling and from selling gems.
If you level gate selling those items at, like say, ilvl 1375 (4 more than what I read)
bots are still going to list these cash crops because of these bussers willing to do business with botters just because they do not bid on engraving recipe books.

With that being said, level gating the AH/Market will never work.

The tip is they get our gold for running on a character that can’t make gold from that run!

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