Reminder for Machinist Players [Rested + Cyborg Skin]

Please remember to create your Gunner (Male) now so you can benefit from being fully rested on Sep 28 for your Machinist.

Also, please buy your Wingsuit Skin Selection Chest (2000 RC) and place it in your roster storage before this package goes away in 5 days. Please remember that the weapon skins from these boxes will not be available for Machinist, so don’t buy the chests that include the weapon.

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Wait… you get rested xp before choosing a class, if you just let them sit in limbo?

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Yes, create him and let him sit in Trixion :3

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Please remember
That you dont have to follow any comments on forums AND/OR to feel pressure of fomo because of it

Best think of Machinist you don’t need lvl 12 class engraving not paying 20k per book what the f

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