Reminder if you RMT

are you getting cheap gold? yes you are but you’re also supporting creditcard fraud and bot farms.

王’s bot farm is growing bigger as he can afford to upgrade his hardware to run even more bots, clogging up servers and making queues bigger but as long as you get your cheaper gold who cares right?

poor granny got her creditcard info stolen and someone is buying royal crystals and selling off the gold before they get caught so you can get cheaper gold so who cares right?

you can’t whale legit, so you buy stolen/botted gold… you’re basically walking around arkesia with fake gucci.

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Unfortunately we have a lot of RMTer’s here, just read through the forum and you will recognize them saying all the time that there is nothing AGS/SG can do against bots…

I bet that if AGS/SG investigates those no-sayers accounts, 90% of them would be banned for RMT/botting…:slight_smile:


Youre also guaranteed to not get punished for it, so for them (the vast majority), the benefit far outweighs the risk.

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Heard you even get rested when you come back from that 3 day ban if you get one XD


let them RMT and sit in 10k queues, maybe that queue will allow their tiny little brains to put two and two together.

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Whales (players that use in-game shop) and Wanna-be Whales (RMTer’s) have no limits when it comes to spend money to feel better.

Just look at Diablo Immoral, it is so tragic that it borders real comedy…