Reminder on Artist Release Date still being a joke

Don’t forget what AGS and Smilegate pulled right before the holidays, regarding the Artist release date and class release cadence in general. @Roxx @Official_News

There were multiple mass polls both on the Forums and on Reddit, where the most popular class cadence choice was by far every month. You ignored that feedback. You promised the players a two-month class cadence afterwards, which we weren’t happy about, but it was your decision. Now you’re telling us that Artist is coming 4-5 months after Summoner, especially with this support shortage? What an absolute disrespect to players, and going back on your own words AGS and Smilegate. Literally they manage to find the worst hills to die on EVERY single time.

Respect your own word and your players, and stick to your original two-month release schedule, assuming you won’t destroy the game with these servers before than Smilegate/AGS.


They said 2 months until the end of 2022. But I do agree that Artist out of all classes should be released ASAP, like they should have done it months ago, to help with support shortage. Really disheartening to see how much they don’t care about their customers and free players.

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I mean, even if that’s the way they said it to get away with this, they kept telling the playerbase that the goal is to catch up to KR, and we’re further behind than we’ve ever been with this recent roadmap reveal. @Roxx

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The CMs remain slient on it. I am wondering is it public holiday until mid Jan in US.

That’s how it is.
AGS thinks this is a 1:1 representation of a real human.

They think human have this exactly facial design and structure, body proportions, shading colors, saturation, 3D modeled hair and bodies.
Literally afraid of pixels to the point of needing to completely redesign all costumes/skins.

Check these pixels out, Amazon.
Careful, if you look for more than 1 second a real human will probably die/be murdered in the real world since this is what you believe

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Yet we still not get any response

calm down guys, @Roxx is on her 5th vacation this year so she can’t answer right now