Reminder: SG/AGS promised new class every two months

As title suggests. Clearly promise with the playerbase means nothing to the company.


Yeah and for the past several days they have been saying content will slow down next year. Theyve been telling everyone this if you paid attention.


Wow, i hope you realize just how irrational a response like that over a little video game is, right. Maybe take a break and reevaluate why you would freak out like this over something so insignificant.

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Yes, video games are insignificant. Sorry your priorities are misplaced and you are such a rude person.

Apparently not when you see how so many people here cant control themselves and act like spoiled children. The amount of rudeness and irrational responses to a video game around here is astounding.

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They said that for the original classes, not the classes after summoner. Stop spreading missinformation.

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they said this was for the original classes not all the classes

They’re running out of classes and they only delay them for marketing purposes which they admitted to. It’s a sad situation.

“2 month release cadence”
“Catching up to Kr”
“No censorship”
“Great rewards”
“Increased communication”
“Acknowledgement of player feedback”
“Importance of player experience”

Best Company


yes for the REST of 2022 not forever.

I mean honestly if that were true then summoner would of released at the end of jan making artist roughly 2 months after that, They only shifted summoner earlier really.

Instead of raging like a lunatic, use this 4 months to hoard as many mats as possible, also learn how to support raids and get to know all the mech, get 5 miliions gold and buy all perfect jewelery for the toon, so, once artists release, you are pro support with maxed stats and day 1 can have 3 relics ( brel / vycas / valtan upgrade with clown trumpets), gems lvl 10, and 5 millions gold for maxed tripods and hone

No. I have hoarded and waited long enough. I have enough to send Artist to 1575 and possibly beyond. That is not the point here.

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