Reminder that I purchased the Starter Pack on EUC before EUW was released, then I changed to EUW as advertised

Yeah, I didn’t forget that you guys scammed me for 65$.
I want my starter stuff since i STARTED on EUW.



Was it the founder pack or the steam packs? And move it to the support section

There’s a post they created 2 months old asking people to reply there who haven’t received and still today people are waiting, so sit back and enjoy

GO back to EUC then…you’re stuff is still there.

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what with my rooster stuff on EUW than? (like launch gift, the animal suit, mokoko pet,…)?

not 100% sure but you should have it in your inventory on EUC ?

they tricked people into going to empty servers with the idea that people would get their stuff and now they are dead and there’s no way to go back!

If you already claimed it on EUW, it’s stuck there.

ty all but I know that its bound. I just want my starter stuff that i claimed on EUC because the time I did there wasnt even talked about EUW release! this thread is just a reminder for @Roxx and others. you cant help with this. only AGS can.

have you tried AGS support? i hear they arent that great but could be worth a shot

sure lol. in week 1. nothing just an automated scripted standard answer mail.


then its your own fault. nobody forced you to change the region. its your own decision, do you use them on europe central or not, because youre now on europe west. you cant blame them, if you got your purchased product.

Well no one though euw will be this dead of server