Remove 3 Days Holding Period and DO THIS



Since having multiple account per player is againsts TOS. Why dont AGS/SG do this.

We restrict using only 1 Visa/Debit/Paypayl payment info into 1 account.

If the same payment info will be use for a different account (same LOST ARK). They have to contact STEAM Support and have it whitelisted from using for multiple accounts.

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That would require Steam (as the only one who has your CC/PP info) to do the checking since they are doing the actual Transaction.

I doubt that they are willing to do that - especially since there might be privacy concerns, most countries don’t allow CC info to be saved after the transaction is done, unless the user explicitly wishes so (for future purchases).
Steam is actually one of the very few where I do have payment info saved.

Usually I do onetime charges and leave the box “save CC info” empty, so that hacking into my accounts is basically useless.

But since a payment info is used to an account, STEAM has the record of that transaction even tho you do not save payment info for future use.

its not like that 3 days hurt you…

It would require Steam to limit payment methods amongst different Steam accounts and to share that information with LA. That’s a lot of collaboration and cost to accomplish that.

Ehh it’s inconvenient and not a long term solution if addressing the problem punishes the legitimate player. And it is punishing because like people in other threads have stated, they will swipe to get an item on AH which will not necessarily be there 3 days later. I personally think this would be more easily mitigated if the 3 day hold was on the royal crystals themselves and not how you use them. It’s annoying but it’s easier to be in the habit of stockpiling crystals imo (which I already do) and am annoyed when I want to buy a skin for instance and swap them around my mules which I cannot do even though it’s within my own account.

If the 3 day holding is meant to combat fraud? maybe for banks to clear the transaction?

Then they should allow 3 day aged/old royal crystals to instantly buy gold. This way players can plan ahead and have pre-bought/available RC to instantly convert when they need gold/items.

Personally, this is what they should do if they must keep it the way they have it now.

Or they could determine a threshold of money spent so your account is trusted. The only gold that would be tied up would be gold acquired through horizontal content which is minimal and would only affect F2P players.

It’s to prevent credit card fraud. People making accounts, using stolen credit card numbers and/or doing chargebacks.

Not to mention that it would require sharing information that isn’t required for the actual purpouse of the transaction.
As far as I understand EU regulation, that is only legal if authorized separately (since there is a separate reason for giving the info to AGS that only tangently intersects with the transaction itself) by every user.

That would at least require steam to implement a routine into their payment processor (checking for the allowance before actually charging for the transaction) and a new UI element.
Changes in payment processors are expensive as f because they need a lot of tests before you are allowed to use them to well process payments. (There is a reason basically all companies use the same payment processors and only really big ones develop their own…)

Okay, so then 3 day old royal crystals are already 3 days old.

It can’t be charged back with that logic. So any 3 day old crystals shouldn’t have a hold.

Right which is why I suggest they move the restriction to using the crystals themselves instead of putting the restriction on the skins/items/gold you acquired with said crystals which is how it is currently and is annoyingly inconvenient.

I agree, I wonder why they didn’t think of this though…

Not enough people making decisions that actually play the game is usually why poor decisions are made in my experience.

I didnt say that 3 days hurt me. In fact, I dont mind. Its just that if you wanted to buy a certain item in AH and you are short of GOLD but you are willing to swipe to have enough gold for your desired item. Rather than raging after 3days of waiting and failed to grab that item.

They had implemented the change a week or two before the most recent set of skins and I thought it had to do with 2FA but I ignored it because I don’t swipe often outside of skins. Then the newest set of skins (bikini) came out and I, like many others, swiped for a lot of them. All it took was this one experience to be irritated and realize the better solution would be to put the hold on the crystals. All they had to do was sample a small amount of swiping players to come up with this better solution. Like I said, first time being inconvenienced, did not even take me minutes to come up with a better yet similar alternative. I wouldn’t even mind if you had the option when you swipe for RC to put the restriction on the crystals or items. That way if you’re swiping for skins to use for yourself for instance, you can still instantly use them but then the wait is on the items or if you stockpile crystals to swipe for gold, you could choose to have the wait on the RC and make them clear to use after 3 days until whenever you decide to use them. Lots of options of how to implement that would be significantly less annoying than it is currently.

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If one payment info is used for multiple steam account shouldn’t an ISSUE.

-It will only restrict them USING that same payment info when they use it to buy ROYAL CRYSTAL in LOST ARK GAME.

-Using same payment info for multiple LOST ARK GAME account needed to be whitelisted by contacting STEAM SUPPORT.

It isn’t going to happen because it’s a privacy concern. Steam can’t share payment information with LA. You’re asking for LA to be able to check with Steam what your payment information is and then store that information on their own end which is a huge liability.

Except normal chargeback has a grace period of 6 months to 1 year depending on which bank or credit card company you use.

Unfortunately the game is facing Stolen Credit Card Fraud, which does get reported by the victims but still takes some time before institutions fully charge-back the payments that was made. By the time AGS is aware of the charge-back, its to late for them to ban the account and recover their losses. However with the 3 day delay it can provide just enough time to prevents the fraudulent accounts from transferring the ill gotten gold to another account, though preventing damage to the game.

STEAM doesnt need to share info with AGS. They just need to talk about it and come up with an agreement.